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Default Ameriflight

Originally Posted by schone View Post

I'm trying to figure out what are the differences or why would someone choose one over the other when it comes to Ameriflight (135 cargo/pax etc) to any Regional for instance...?

We all know that we're out , hunting for those turbine PIC golden eggs as fast as.... but the question is, what makes 121 or 135 more appealing over it's counterpart?

I am trying to solve a crossroads situation I find myself in, while trying to apply to everybody. Trying to figure out what it is that i'm really after when all is said and done.

For me personally, what i'm looking for, ideally - get those PIC turb hours fast while maybe also trying to incorporate a situation where I am able to tear myself apart for three weeks at a time and maybe manage to squeeze a week off every month to spend at home, which unfortunately, is overseas.
Any suggestions of how that can be achieved will be greatly appriciated as I do not fully understand how bidding and holding a line works in niether the 135 nor the 121 world.

Thanks much!
Go to Ameriflight. Old planes night cargo. Fast upgrade. Last spring one of my brothers high school friends was killed in an Ameriflight crash. It also can be dangerous; old planes, no crew, dark remote locations, low time pilots.

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