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Default AMF vs. 121

I currently fly for AMF and enjoy every minute of it. I currently fly the Piper Chieftain and in about 5 months I should get a BE-99 upgrade. This has been the trend for the piston pilots for the past year or so. About 6 months in the Chieftain and then onto the turbine. Most stay in the 99 for about one year and most have enough time to upgrade to either the Metro III or the Beech 1900. It's all single pilot, Part 135, in the IFR environment. Some people on this thread say that we have bad equipment, well the planes are old, that is for sure, but the planes are structurally sound and we are in the process of getting GNS Garmin 480's in all turbine equipment.
When it comes to the schedule it is hard to beat. Most runs are Monday through Friday with weekends and federal holidays off. You get two days off a month that you can take unpaid and no questions asked. After a year you start accuring vacation time. If you want a place that will challenge you as a pilot and sharpen your skills and you might want to check out AMF,
Ameriflight has a very good safety record, only one accident can I think of was due to a mechanical failure. All the rest have been pilot error.
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