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Originally Posted by freightdog View Post
about 5 months I should get a BE-99 upgrade. This has been the trend for the piston pilots for the past year or so. About 6 months in the Chieftain and then onto the turbine. Most stay in the 99 for about one year and most have enough time to upgrade to either the Metro III or the Beech 1900.

When you say, upgrade in 5 months to the 99..... do you mean upgrade to the 99 as CA or FO? Are the 99 and the rest of the turbine all flown single pilot IFR as well?

What are the chances of getting a BUR base? (currently residing in LA)

After the year in the 99 you said most people opt to upgrade to the Metro or the 1900s... why? Isn't the 1000 PIC Turb good enough for majors/cargo (of that size of airplanes)?

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