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Originally Posted by V1Rotate View Post
I don't understand the compensation system. Particularly for the C402 captains. $15/hour sounds crazy low even for this business. It also talks about $11.50 for duty hours? What are duty hours?
Duty hours are the total time you're on duty. If you show at 0600 and release at 1800, you get 12 hours of pay, regardless of how much you actually fly.

As miller said it's $15/hr first year. It sounds low, but remember that anything over 40 hours in a week is paid at 150%, and that you'll almost never work the minimum unless you specifically bid a hard line that has a lot of time off (RKD, LNS, HGR), and don't chase the busy seasons. If you don't mind some hard work, you'll do fine here*.

By the way, the $11.50/hour you're referring to is the "PIC qualified FO" rate for those who are qualified to fly the mail (at least 1200 hours), but don't yet have ATP mins. If you have an ATP, you're making $15/hour.

* If you want some real numbers, my 2009 YTD gross pay on my check with an ending period of 7/19/09 was just over $27,500. You can extrapolate the next 5 months to see what a full year's pay would be if you really work hard. I also spent the winter in the Caribbean ($3/hr override and higher guarantee) and hold a high-time line in the northeast. I work my butt off (I routinely block 100-105 hours/month), but the paychecks aren't terrible.
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