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Originally Posted by AA767AV8TOR View Post
To All,

Itís a waste of time trying to convince these greedy pilots of what they are really doing Ė stealing money and seniority numbers from the junior pilots. Their reasoning is irrational. They are not changing a contract. They are trying to alter a Federal law. One that has been in place for over 40 years and which we were all hired under. We all based our career decisions on retiring at age 60 Ė all of us.

Write your reps in Congress and let the FAA know your desires. Iím down in Texas and Kay Bailey Hutchison is moving her position from a definite yes to one of a definite maybe. The tide is switching due to your involvement and letters. The older greedy pilots have been very vocal on this Ė letís beat them at their own game.

Let the FAA know that if this POS does pass, then all pilots over the age of 60 must go to the end of the seniority list. Itís the fairest and safest way.

Ask yourself how safe a 64 Ĺ year old pilot would be flying 6 legs in one day with the last one down to mins, on a short wet runway, with 30 knots of crosswind. Would you trust your family on this flight? Where is the data suggesting this is safe? I give you a hint Ė there is none. They also donít own their seats or seniority numbers. If the age changes, our contracts will have to be renegotiated. Donít let their greed overcome safety and hurt your career.

Itís your seniority number and your careers they are trying to alter. Donít let them do it!

AA767 boy,

At 47 with no desire to work past 60, I am willing to give up working. I currently am in a position that probably will allow me to do so. Based on where you are would you be willing to do the same? Will this industry be good to you? It has been good to me (you know anything about baseball?) but I don't know about 13 yrs from now.

Just so you know, I felt the same way when I flew with my father on his "last flight" in 1993. It was all about age discrimination then and nothing has changed. The selfishness still exists. Can you recognize who is the selfish one?
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