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Definately interesting to hear the other side of the story, I believe I was on the side of sanity all along.

This does raise an interesting question... What do you do if the government targets you? They have unlimited resources, you don't. At a certain point maybe you do just have to say, "fine I did it, you got me" even if you don't believe that just because it isn't worth the fight.
Isn't there some abuse of power there? We're gonna prove you did something even though we turned your house upside down and didn't find anything and we charged you with selling a product that isn't illegal.

Maybe the real story here is just the excesses government can go to, just lay low and maybe the government will leave you alone. Just don't dare to prosper because that's unamerican.

I still assert that if the government has found out that people can defraud these tests by using detox product then it's really their task to change tests, not prosecute the sellers of such products. Go to a hair test, when people show up bald it's going to be more obvious.... and if you're really concerned that people used it to defeat federal drug tests, retest everyone, I'm all for shrinking the size of government if there's a bunch of druggies payroll goes down..... though I question the true issue that joe IRS telephone answerer really needs to be pot free on the weekend.

This is my issue with many issues of politics, politicians treat the symptom not the cause, MAKE A NEW TEST.
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