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I will get this to the present APA leadership; but, except for LGA reps (who know Jan) this bunch is absolutely worthless as a pilot advocacy group. Unless AA management approves it, they ain't doing it...truly a cadre of robots.

As for this:

Originally Posted by EK Birdcage View Post

I have some more contact information for a "Good Guy" within CAPA and APA Security if you need it.. I can't seem to PM you and I won't put it out here.. Do you have an alternate contact?


If your contact is the current CAPA President, Gary Boettcher, he ranks right up there with Duane Woerth as far as an effective pilot advocate. He is absolutely NOT to be considered a "Good Guy" ...just to clear that up.

I will get the info to the guys at AA who will actaully take some action--relying on the present APA or--especially-Boettcher is worse than ineffective...

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