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Originally Posted by Airsupport View Post
Where is this deadline coming from? That is more than 45 days away that we keep hearing about. Is that the day it has to be ratified by? Is that a delta deadline?
Excerpt from an email from all 3 MEC's:

"As you know, we are working on an expedited timeframe which commenced this week in our first meeting with management in Atlanta , GA. This expedited timeframe, as currently outlined, calls for negotiations to be completed by November 15, 2010......With respect to the JCBA, if we reach a TA with management, pending approval from all three MECs, it will be sent to the pilot groups for ratification. Should the JCBA negotiations not prove fruitful, the PCL and CJC pilots will return to their Section 6 and Section 2 status respectively, and the MSA agreement will continue in its current form."

This sounds like it's not necessarily a set-in-stone date on Nov. 15th.
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