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Default Part 121 IFR Takeoff Mins

I am preparing for an interview with a regional airline. I was a little confused about the takeoff minimums for part 121. I know standard is 1 mile for 1 or 2 engines and 1/2 mile for 3 or more.

When I look at Jepp approach plates it also has a column that says "adequate vis reference" which is typically 1/4 mile. (isn't adequate vis reference just if RVR is not reported? Cuz I know you are suppose to have the runway centerline lights, runway markings and runway edge lights if you are using those mins). Another column says STD for standard. So if the question comes up...what are my takeoff mins then...assuming i am looking at a jepp chart with these two it 1/4 mile or 1 mile assuming im in a twin engine aircraft?

I know too that this probably depends on your specific airline's ops specs. But for a 121 domestic company quizzing me...what are they wanting to hear? Thanks!
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