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Default XJ 9E 9L SLI Thread

Originally Posted by spank View Post
Hey gang,

I passed on Colgan and Pinnacle when the opportunity came up for a number of personal reasons. It looks as though things may be taking a turn though. With SLI seeming inevitable at this point has anyone heard any facts (or rumors, I'm not picky) about what those of us who were f'ed can expect?

I am in a fairly secure non-aviation job now, but have started to get the itch to atleast consider coming back if/when the opportunity arises. (I may be able to swing my current job part time if I do come back to aviation) I know there are tons of people on the street that would give their first born for a job right now; so the last thing I want to do is come across sounding like a self absorbed jerk.

My bottom line is this...I have been laid off twice now, and can not afford a third time. I have a steady income, and plenty of debt to pay off. I would not want to spend another year? on reserve if I could avoid it as well. When I look past all the negatives the airline lifestyle brings (scheduling, QOL, nights away from family), I really enjoyed my time at Mesaba (good crews, Austin overnights, incredible view from the office).

There it is...any thoughts?
There are two schools of thought regarding furloughees.

One is they WERE hired and HAD a seniority number prior to the purchase of Mesaba, so they should be included in the SLI. If this method is used, you would be integrated somewhere in the final list ABOVE those hired AFTER the snapshot.

The other says because one was furloughed on the purchase date, his job did not exist, he was not an employee, therefore he has no right to be integrated. As such, he would NOT be included in the SLI. If this method is used and you were hired tomarrow, your seniority date (since you did not take the offers) would be tomorrow: no seniority. Had you taken the offer, at least you would have been senior to all the folks hired since the purchase.

Originally Posted by v1valarob View Post
We will be one airline very soon. If youre hired into Colgan, then you will be placed on the Saab or Q and will go to a Colgan base initially. After the SLI shakes out and they run some sort of vacancy bid, you will then be able to bid all over the system, assuming there are no fences. Under the JCBA we are currently voting on, you can move throughout the system Pinnacle RJ FO to Mesaba FO to Mesaba Q FO. Of course there are seat locks and all that.
Anyone hired AFTER the snapshot will be unaffected by fences since those folks will be below the most junior person on the SLI.
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