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I see what you are saying and that wouldn't be all bad, but I've heard (from a SLI committee member) that the furloughs stand a chance of being placed at the bottom of everyone hired prior to 7/1/10, and after the new hires are put in DOH since furloughs are considered inactive employees and pretty much as nobodys in a list. Don't know how this will shake out, but if it were to go this way I would hope I could resign from XJ or something to ensure I don't lose that much seniority
That sounds crazy but you never know. This thing has brought about a level of selfishness from pilots that I had yet to witness. It is all about me. What do we at Mesaba get? What do we at Pinnacle get? Why don't you support us? What kind of raise do I get? How high will my seniority be? Every single question is about us or me. Everyone is out for themselves in this deal. No one took the time to realize that new hires in this deal will be trying to live on 23K in greater NY city. How is that going to work? Well, no one cares because it doesn't affect anyone on property. Nothing would surprise me at this point.
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