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Default APA corruption

I found this on the other forum web site (hey, I'm just the messenger boy....ENJOY THE RIDE!):

$3,629.56! What could you do with three thousand six hundred twenty-nine dollars and fifty-six cents? Well, nine Reps at the Allied Pilots Association, better known as the APA to those of us that pay for the "privilege" of having our dues taken from our paychecks, spent $3,629 dollars of our dues money celebrating at a dinner.

Let me say that again. 9 APA Reps spent $3,629 on one dinner and you paid for it. In case the math escapes you at the moment, that is over $400 per person! This was just for food and beverages and a tip.

What was the dinner for, you might ask? They were celebrating the passing of the contract. Can you imagine how much they would have spent had they actually gotten an industry leading contract instead of a concessionary contract?

I can understand if they celebrated getting profit sharing, or perhaps a commitment to keeping our health care or even getting parity with Delta plus 1%. But these "Gentlemen" (and I use the word with all the sarcasm I can put in that word) spent three thousand six hundred dollars of our money to celebrate a concessionary contract!

In fact, the Boston Rep, Steve Bacon in a letter to his pilots had the affront to name other past excursions into a "never land" of money spending extravaganzas as an excuse to spend your money with abandon! Then he damned all that would question his extravagance at your expense. Of course, he is not running for re-election. They just don't get it. It's NOT their money. It's OUR money.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear before I name these "Representatives" in name only. Not one of the Reps from either Charlotte or Philadelphia participated nor would they. They are as outraged about this as we are.

Here are the Reps of shame and their bases:

Jim Dillard (not running for re-election)
Steve Bacon (not running for re-election)

Scott Abbot
Todd Hooper (running for re-election)

Steve Roach (running for re-election)
Bill Boyd (running for re-election)

Rob Powell
Marc Speigle

La Guardia:
Bill Gary

As far as I'm concerned, they show the pilots here a complete lack of respect by spending our money without our permission. A few are running for re-election. The pilots at those bases should remember this incident and how little respect they had for their pilots and vote accordingly.

As for all nine, they need to resign as Reps. After this incident became public, they each kicked in $150, but only after they got caught and it became public and were shamed. This dinner wasn't just a mistake or an oversight. This was a deliberate attempt to live very lavishly at our expense and damn the pilots they represent. They seem to forget they are pilots first and owe us that. If they had any integrity, they should pay the entire bill.

The following is a copy of the actual restaurant receipt:

2221 E. Lamar Blvd #910
Arlington, Tx 76006
(817) 640-9981
Check#: 45929 Guests: 0
Date: 01/30/15 Time: 05:44 pm
Terminal: 99 Table: 12
You have been served by --> Chris
--(Seat 1) -----------------------------------------------------
5 Guinness $32.50
1 Crown Royal $10.00
3 Sam Adams Lager $19.50
4 Btl Jordan $480.00
1 Btl Bonsard $99.00
4 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktails $54.00
9 Hors d oeuvres $166.50
3 Salvenie 12yrs $42.00
2 Btl Stags Leap $240.00
1 Btl Caymus $169.00
1 Btl Opus One $299.00
--(Seat 2)------------------------------------------------------
1 Side Bernaise Sauce $4.50
1 Side Blue Cheese $14.25
1 Creamed Spinach $8.50
2 Side Roasted Garlic $17.00
1 Side Asparagus W/Mol $9.50
1 Sauteed Mushroom Ca $8.50
2 Side Baked Potato $17.00
3 Side Au Gratin $28.50
1 Side French Green Bean $8.50
--Seat 3)-------------------------------------------------------
3 Bf Stk Tomato Salad $28.50
1 Scallops $33.50
3 8oz Filet Mignon $104.25
3 13oz Kobe NYStrip $223.50
1 Lobster Tail $68.50
2 Petite/Herb Lobster $90.00
1 Watercress $10.50
1 Ice Cream $9.50
1 Banana Souffle $9.50
1 Chocolate Souffle $9.50
1 Cheese Cake $9.50
2 Grand Marnier $24.00
1 Baileys $10.00
2 Remy Martin VSOP $30.00
4 Cappucino $19.00
Subtotal: $2, 788.50
FOOD TAX: $78.76
Mixed Bev Tax: $148.83
Sub W/Tax: $3, 016.09
Gratuity: $613.47
Visa $3,629.56
Thank you!!
Visit our Banquet Rooms!

Each Rep signed the back of the check to acknowledge that they were there and for APA to pay the bill.

Let's set aside for the moment that this was stealing from the pilots. Here is also why this is important and this why it will affect us in the future. The day is fast approaching when no one will be required to pay dues to a union. Extravaganzas like this is why pilots will opt out of the union. After all, why would I pay dues so someone that claims he represents me pays $400 for a dinner on my dime and than attempts to hide it?

This is what killed ALPA for us and will kill the APA in the future as it is killing unions in states that already have "right to work" laws. These Reps, represent the very worst in unionism and why unions have lost their place in America. The leaders of these unions forget who they are, where they come from and who they represent. But we have not forgotten.

There needs to be accountability and before this behavior continues, we should insist this will never happen again. It may have been business as usual at the Old APA, but we US Airways Pilots now have a stake in what happens here and so do the American Legacy pilots at the bases these men pretend to represent. Pass the word.

On another issue, I have also been asked about the law suit the Army of Leonidas (has an army ever been mis-named) filed against each of the officers and reps of USAPA past and present. First of all, this is a ploy to get more money from their pilots. They need to show they are doing something....anything to collect money. It's no secret they are short funded and they are trying to gin up more support.

In addition, their attorneys are continuing to accumulate billable hours. Cha-ching!
You can't sue representatives of a union for voting! They represent the views of the people that have elected them, just like the West Reps did. Notice they were not sued. In spite of the warnings from Chip Munn and others that the sky is once again falling on USAPA and they had better acquiesce immediately or suffer unbearable torture, their latest attempt will go the way all the others where.

The beat goes on.......

Bill Glynn
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Caymus is some good wine. I enjoyed the tour
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To paraphrase the recently deceased, beloved Miller High Life pitchman, Windell Middlebrooks:

"Seventy-four-fifty for a steak... Y'all must be crazy..."

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Meal reimbursement should be limited to the federal allowable per diem rates.
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Originally Posted by Saabs View Post
Caymus is some good wine. I enjoyed the tour
Caymus is very good wine. I enjoyed a couple of glasses last week on my vacation. However, why didn't they do what I did and pay for it with their own money (that they were celebrating over), instead of mine? It's freaking ALPA all over again!
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Originally Posted by EMBFlyer View Post
Caymus is very good wine. I enjoyed a couple of glasses last week on my vacation. However, why didn't they do what I did and pay for it with their own money (that they were celebrating over), instead of mine? It's freaking ALPA all over again!
Doesn't Caymus make conundrum too? Quite a nice red blend for $20 a bottle.

Eh, vote Alpa in it will be the same clowns in office. We need a bump and flush BOD displacement
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Originally Posted by viper548 View Post
Meal reimbursement should be limited to the federal allowable per diem rates.
Agreed, and alcohol should never be reimbursed. I have no problem paying for someones meal when its official business but this was over the top. Opus wine?...really, cmon, I enjoy a great wine, but at 299 per bottle you've got to be kidding me.
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ALPA reps are still at it as well. During Bk negotiations the former Eagle MEC spent a good $3500 on dinner and drinks one evening while in DC negotiating a concessionary contract. Reciepts were also produced for purchases at a DC liquor store. These receipts were entered/coded as "snacks". After Bk and snack gate there was a housecleaning of our MEC.
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Who cares.

I am not an AA pilot, but here is my take.

Yes, it is an expensive dinner. However, it is less than 2 hours of Captain's pay each. I'll bet each of the participants put in more than 2 hours of extra work on the contract.

If you didn't like the contract, then you should have voted against it.

It passed, so move on.

Life is too short to harbor anger - get over it and focus on the future.

If you think this is bad, take a close look at ALPA.
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From the LGA Rep


One word for the latest spin: CRAP. If you are offended by my choice of words or my writing style, STOP. The latest round of garbage emanating from your directors has prompted a response from one of the new guys on the board. I ran on a platform to end the exact crap you are witnessing.

On the morning of January 31st I awoke to find that one our members had injured himself on the evening before after “celebrating” the end of a very contentious period of weekly BOD meetings. Been there, done that, can’t fix stupid. Gave him a ride to the airport, recommended further evaluation (I have emergency medical training), and headed to APA for another day at the office… or so I thought.

Bam!! It was brought to my attention that some of the BOD members had spent $3600 on a dinner the evening before. Carl Jackson and I approached Keith Wilson and demanded an investigation of this blatant misuse of association funds. That was January 31st. I heard nothing from our President but then again, our relationship has not been so rosy since my arrival at the mothership. I will say, Keith was not pleased.

After some correspondence between Pam Torrell and other members of the board, I decided to wait until the March BOD meeting to address the issue face to face. After obtaining details of the expense, I learned that eight of nine gluttons had made reparations ranging from $200 to $450. Total repayment was around $2400 with the balance expensed to the association, about $1200. I then asked an APA staff member what was a typical historical average for one of these “group gaggle” BOD dinners. $100-$150 on the high end was the response. Yikes!!

I raised the issue during the closed caucus on the first day of the SBOD. The mood was somber. The gang of nine realized they made a gross error of judgment. Whether the repayment was made out of sincerity, or because they knew they were in the crosshairs, is a moot point. What has transpired since is the issue that has raised my ire.

CRAP. Absolute CRAP. Hooper, Roach, Bacon – shame on you!! To twist this mea culpa and attempt to resurrect the 10-12 JCBA BOD split, the “Hill-Westbrook or Copeland in the kitchen” old bones is absolutely pathetic. To blame Bill Gary for paying the tab that you all walked away from is shameful. The spin spewing forth as damage control amidst the election cycle is sophomoric.

We’re all grown men. We were elected to represent and to protect the individual and collective rights of the members and to promote their professional interests. Our pilots have placed their trust in us. A few have shattered that trust and rather than admit they erred, instead have launched a pathetic round of spin.

I’m raising the B.S. flag. To those that erred: pay back all but a reasonable amount for Dinnergate. To the BOD: let’s fire the Financial Audit Committee and commence and independent audit. Let’s put policy in place to prevent this and other loose accounting of our funds. Once in place, let’s adhere to the very policies that are written in blood by those that preceded us.

No political antics here. It’s up to the membership to decide who sits to my left and right and in my seat as well. If you don’t trust your leaders, clean house or our union is finished. We will do our best to right this listing ship. If I have failed to perform after one term, I will step aside for a better alternative.

Not trying to be self righteous. My expense claims are available for review anytime. This CRAP needs to stop yesterday. Let’s rebuild our association.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

In Unity,

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