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Originally Posted by EllisCoastal View Post
For those of you waiting for a call, here is some inspirational (and insane) video footage of airplanes.... including Atlas!!! Watch this prior to your interview for a quick pump up.

Neat video!
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Originally Posted by USexpat View Post
Also one more. Currently rated and flying the 777 (200/300/F), Would a full course be required for the 747 or 767? Thanks in advance!
Full course.
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Originally Posted by roscoef16 View Post
OK, stupid question time...I applied on Friday thinking it was a typo. Should I reapply as the window is officially open? Ready for spears...

I did. I sent the email when I noticed the website posting on 08/15. I didn't get a "return to sender" but I sent it again this morning just to be "official." Good luck!
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To the guys already there. What's the phone interview like? Tips on being prepared for it? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Brokeasspot View Post
To the guys already there. What's the phone interview like? Tips on being prepared for it? Thanks!
- post #5189

- well, for starters, you could look up the many debriefs on the interview process and start getting to know whatever you can about the company, where/what/how we fly and how you'd be a good fit.
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And don't do the call distracted. Screaming kids, driving, racing to catch a plane are not good ways to get past it. Put the interview off until you can sit and focus.
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Just be yourself. I didn't even know there was a phone interview nor did I recognize the number as belonging to Atlas when they called, so I answered solely off the cuff. I later learned a friend did not get past the phone interview and he suspects it was because he had written responses prepared and was reading them, thus coming off a bit canned.
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Anyone know if its possible to print this entire thread without having to click print page 654 times???
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Just read it and save a tree.
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Originally Posted by seafeye View Post
Just read it and save a tree.
Ship stuff via boat and railroad and save a lot of gas but we wouldn't have employment!!!
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