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Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery DVDs

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Default Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery DVDs

I have the following Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery DVDs for sale:
- Private Pilot - $70 shipped
- Instrument/Commercial Pilot- $70 shipped
- Instrument Chart Training - $30 shipped
- Multi-Engine - $30 shipped
- Flight Instructor - $70 shipped
All of them for $250 shipped!

Payment by Paypal only, please PM for more details, if interested.

PART I Fundamentals of Flight
Chapter 2 Airplane Systems
Section A Airplanes
Section B The Powerplant and Related Systems
Section C Flight Instruments
Chapter 3 Aerodynamic Principles
Section A Four Forces of Flight
Section B Stability
Section C Aerodynamics of Maneuvering Flight
Part II Flight Operations
Chapter 4 The Flight Environment
Section A Safety of Flight
Section B Airports
Section C Aeronautical Charts
Section D Airspace
Chapter 5 Communication and Flight Information
Section A Radar and ATC Services
Section B Radio Procedures
Section C Sources of Flight Information
Disc 2
PART III Aviation Weather
Chapter 6 Meteorology for Pilots
Section A Basic Weather Theory
Section B Weather Patterns
Section C Weather Hazards
Chapter 7 Interpreting Weather Data
Section A The Forecasting Process
Section B Printed Reports and Forecasts
Section C Graphic Weather Products
Section D Sources of Weather Information
Part IV Performance and Navigation
Chapter 8 Airplane Performance
Section A Predicting Performance
Section B Weight and Balance
Section C Flight Computers
Chapter 9 Navigation
Section A Pilotage and Dead Reckoning
Section B VOR Navigation
Section C ADF Navigation
Section D Advanced Navigation
Disc 3
PART V Integrating Pilot Knowledge and Skills
Chapter 10 Applying Human Factors Principles
Section A Aviation Physiology
Section B Aeronautical Decision Making
Ground Operations
1. Preflight Inspection
2. Engine Starting
3. Taxiing
4. Before Takeoff Check
5. PostFlight Procedures
Basic Maneuvers
6. Straight-and-Level Flight
7. Climbs
8. Descents
9. Turns
Airport Operations
10. Normal Takeoff and climb
11. Crosswind Takeoff and Climb
12. Traffic Patterns
13. Normal Approach and Landing
14. Crosswind Approach and Landing
Emergency Landing Procedures
15. Systems and Equipment Malfunctions
16. Emergency Approach and Landings
Flight Maneuvers
17. Slow Flight
18. Power-Off Stalls
19. Power-On Stalls
20. Demonstrated Stalls
21. Steep Turns
Ground Reference Maneuvers
22. Rectangular Course
23. S-Turns
24. Turns Around a Point
Performance Takeoffs and Landings
25. Short-Field Takeoff and Maximum
Performance Climb
26. Short-Field Approach and Landing
27. Soft-Field Takeoff and Climb
28. Soft-Field Approach and Landing
Special Flight Operations
29. Attitude Instrument Flying
30. Night Operations

Part I Discovering New Horizons
Chapter 2 Principles of Instrument Flight
Section A Flight Instrument Systems
Section B Attitude Instrument Flying
Section C Instrument Navigation
Chapter 3 The Flight Environment
Section A Airports, Airspace, and Flight Information
Section B Air Traffic Control
Section C ATC Clearances
Part II Segment 1 Instrument Charts and Procedures
Chapter 4 Departure
Section A Jeppesen Departure Charts
Section A NACO Departure Charts
Section B Departure Procedures
Chapter 5 Enroute
Section A Jeppesen Enroute and Area Charts
Section A NACO Enroute and Area Charts
Section B Enroute Procedures
Section C Holding Procedures
Chapter 6 Arrival
Section A Jeppesen Arrival Charts
Section A NACO Arrival Charts
Section B Arrival Procedures
Disc 2
Part II Segment 2 Instrument Charts and Procedures
Chapter 7 Approach
Section A Jeppesen Approach Charts
Section A NACO Approach Charts
Section B Approach Procedures
Chapter 8 Instrument Approaches
Section A VOR and NDB Approaches
Section B ILS Approaches
Disc 3
Part III Aviation Weather and IFR Flight Operations
Chapter 9 Meteorology
Section A Weather Factors
Section B Weather Hazards
Section C Printed Reports and Forecasts
Section D Graphic Weather Products
Section E Sources of Weather Information
Chapter 10 IFR Flight Considerations
Section A IFR Emergencies
Section B IFR Decision Making and
Flight Considerations
Section C IFR Flight Planning
Part IV Commercial Pilot Operations
Chapter 11 Advanced Systems
Section A High Performance Power Plants
Section B Environmental and Ice Control Systems
Section C Retractable Landing Gear
Chapter 14 Commercial Maneuvers
Section A Maximum Performance Takeoffs
and Landings
Section B Steep turns
Section C Chandelles
Section D Lazy eights
Section E Eights-on-Pylons
Section F Steep Spirals
Section G Power-Off 180 Accuracy Approach
and Landing

- The Approach/Airport Chart section includes:
Plan View
Profile View
Landing Minimums
Jeppesen' s Briefing Strip
- The Enroute Chart section includes:
Chart Symbology
Reporting Points
Defining Airways and Intersections
Enroute Altitudes
High Altitude Charts
Jet Routes
Minimum Off-Route Altitudes
- The Departure and Arrival section includes:
Pilot Navigation Departure Procedures
Vector Departure Procedures
Textural vs. Graphic Departure
Takeoff Minimums
Flying the Transition
Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
Flying the STAR
Planning the Approach
Descent Planning

Preflight Planning
Accelerate Stop Distance
Cruise Performance
Ground Operations
Preflight Check
Multi-Engine Aerodynamics
Induced Flow
Critical Engine Aerodynamics
Multi-Engine Maneuvers
Steep Turns
Slow Flight
Engine-Out Operations
Critical Engine
Effects of Drag
Counter Rotating Propellers
Vsse (Blue Line)
Service Ceiling
Absolute Ceiling
Engine Failure Procedure
Engine-Out Maneuvers
Vmc Demonstration
Instrument Flight
Engine Failure - Instrument Indications
Instrument Approaches

Disc 1
Volume I Fundamentals of Instruction
The Flight Instructor
Foundations of Learning
The Art and Science of Teaching
Human Factors
Volume II Becoming an Instructor
Transition to the Right Seat
Teaching Flight Safety
Instructor Responsibilities
Disc 2
Volume III Instructing the Private Pilot Student
Ground Operations
Basic Maneuvers
Airport Operations
Emergency Landing Procedures
Flight Maneuvers
Ground Reference Maneuvers
Performance Takeoffs and Landings
Special Flight Operations
Disc 3
Volume IV Instructing the Commercial Student
High Performance Power Plants
Environmental and Ice Control Systems
Retractable Landing Gear
Maximum Performance Takeoffs and Landings
Steep Turns
Lazy Eights
Steep Spirals
Power-Off 180 Accuracy Approach and Landing
Specialized Instruction
Volume V Instructing the Instrument Student
Flight Instrument Systems
Attitude Instrument Flying
Instrument Navigation
Departure Procedures
Enroute Procedures
Holding Procedures
Arrival Procedures
Approach Procedures
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