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Default Basics to a successful interview at a Major

Here is an awesome article from the folks at Centerline Interview Consulting outlining the basics to a successful interview at a Major.
I cannot say enough great things about the folks at Centerline. It was by far the best investment I made throughout the entire process. From the one on one phone conferences to review my application and make sure it was perfect to be able to get the interview invite to the one on one, face to face interview prep session that I got with one of their guys who was overnighting where I lived to the multiple phone conferences after, I felt more than prepared for my big day.

These guys aren't there to teach you a script or teach you to be someone you aren't. They just know how to help you to learn how to relax and show the REAL you. And that's what the interviewers want to see most in my opinion.

Two huge thumbs for all of the folks at Centerline. If you have an interview don't hesitate to contact them to see what they are all about and how their approach is different. And if you don't have an interview yet pay the $149 and get your apps reviewed! Hands down the best money ever spent.

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The “Bottom Line”

During your preparation sessions with one of our counselors at Centerline, we often discuss the importance of the “Bottom Line.” What we mean is that interview team members and hiring board personnel have a certain set of criteria they have to check off, with no hesitation, to deliver a Conditional Job Offer to a pilot.

One thing our team is proud of is that we have all been on hiring panels in the past and convey our interview team experience with clients. Here are some items and thoughts interview teams have to feel comfortable with when evaluating the candidate’s fate, using First Person to drive the bullet points home.

• We invited you to the interview and WANT to hire you – end of story.
• Do not try and compete against the other candidates, it is just YOU and US.
• We can form an impression of you in less than 2-3 minutes.
• We have a 10 foot rope to pull you out of a 10 foot hole, do not dig yourself a 20 foot hole early in the interview process.
• If we sniff arrogance or cockiness, we are going to humble you very quickly.
• We want to hear your story, both professionally and personally. Relax and be yourself.
• In a humble way, we want to know you are a good pilot and can handle our aircraft with care.
• Are you the diffuser in a bad situation that arises, or the instigator?
• Can you handle problems on a low level, or are you going straight to the Chief Pilot without trying to work it out with your teammate first?
• If a member of our family is on your jet, and you have an emergency, can we trust you to stay calm and get that jet on the ground safely?
• Adjectives and buzzwords are meaningless without substance. We want you to back up those buzzwords with experiences and examples. Words are just words, can you back up your words?
• You are telling us you want to work here, but can we really feel it deep down?
• Can we sit next to you on a 5 day trip to Europe or Asia?
• Are you a leader who aspires to be great, or just the average follower?
• Do not lie, we WILL catch you and show you the door, either now or in the future.
• Are you going to violate SOP’s or let a Captain run all over you out on line?
• We want to know you are caring, loving, sincere, and someone that our organization can count on the next 30 years of your career.
• Give us some insight into your public speaking ability and knack for great customer service.
• Address any negative and take responsibility. Then squash it, and throw it to the back of the room moving forward with positives. Do not play the “blame game.”
• Show us this interview means a lot to you and that you have come fully prepared to shine.
• Convince us that you will not have any trouble in training here – We have a box we have to check off that says “Trainability” without any reservation.
• Please do not ask us a silly question at the end of your interview. Trust us, we can tell when you are trying to get us to spin our wheels.
• We sincerely want you here. When the interview is over, we want to not only hire a competent pilot, but a great new friend and colleague as well!

As you prepare for your upcoming interview, put yourself on the other side of the table and in their shoes. Treat your interview just as you would a checkride. Those who come prepared, confident, and humble will most likely succeed and be able to claim they checked off the boxes within the “Bottom Line.”
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