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How did you get back into aviation?

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How did you get back into aviation?

Old 01-15-2024, 05:16 AM
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Default How did you get back into aviation?

Hello folks (FAA rated wrong side of the atlantic (in the UK ) 1st poster...

Since loosing my job in 2022 (super midsize cpt) been flying since the 1990's but biz jet since 2006, what did ''y'all'' do to get back into aviation. Just curious nothing more. Flew a N reg between Europe and US for a number of years until the owner was bust. Last flew a global in 2016 on a EASA ticket. So I am well and truly a pumpkin now. I also threw a lot of dosh on a US eb2 visa but I'll look like gandolf long before that gets (if ever) issued as my skills until now are useless here is EASA land. Unless I have a couple hundred hours and a completley different type it would appear the hawker 4000 has killed my career off. (tried applying to other companies here zzz wrong type , buyng a global type course, doing a half cooked EASA 320 course, EB-2 visa but its loooong processing time) so I've baisically almost but given up.

I'd like to hear some stories about what you did and how you managed to return to aviation, I'm not stupid I know to a HR person I'd look like a plank. To a fellow pilot who's gone through the moves there'd be more sympathy. Ive had or held 6 different license paid for the odd type rating along the way which ultimately was an expensive indulgence with not much come back but thats because of loosing my job again in 2016. Its funny how you can be a the **** of the world one moment then the **** itself.

Alright thanks for your stories and thoughts!

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Old 01-15-2024, 04:45 PM
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How old are you? Green card for the US? I'd try Flexjet. They're looking for experienced people.

ETA: Oh, I see you're looking for a visa. I'd still check with Flex and see if they have any ideas. Also, Frontier and someone else were advertising sponsorship for work visas for foreign candidates with experience.
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Old 01-18-2024, 02:15 AM
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Thanks. AA717,

I knew a chap who used to fly a AA717 around cant be many of those!

Anyway, I'm almost 50 eek, and had a gig flying a owner between Europe on N reg to US for 5 years gentle the customs had no issues if its was P91 apart from once out of Dublin didnt like the idea that picking an empty plane up in Wilmington to Tittyboro to pick up the owner and fly to SLC. Sounded to close to cabotage for him - yawn. Anyway I did remind him that it was 26th Dec and I'd prefer to be finishing my xmas dinner off. He either didn't like me or turkeys or he was also in Dublin not eating turkey when he should have been in the US!

Alright I'll hit the Execujets /Flexjets etc P91's job ads..I know owners have holiday homes outside of US!

I did even see Clay Lacy advertising in London - clay lacy they'll think this side hes a sweet seller , anyway. yeah I did send it, but no reply zzz They sure arnt the best in the industry at that. Its funny how the ad goes from type not needed on their US ads, somewhere at 30W they change their tact and put Type rating required with lots of hours. See they still advertising this role months later.

..so blummin hard work this side getting any job I see these plane vloggers out of Van Nuys jumping from one type to the other not needing to pay, have a great owner bla bla...they wanna try this grubby side of the industry !
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Old 01-18-2024, 11:17 AM
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Apply to National Airlines. They operate 747's. I used to work there. They have foreigners from all over.
Free worldwide home basing too. I spoke w several who had to get their US ratings. The company paid for that too.

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