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Old 03-23-2019, 03:43 PM   #1  
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Default Senior ER B or junior 73 A?

Curious about guys opinions? Currently about 25% on ER B NY. Could get around 85% 73 A in NY. Commuting. Big change in QOL, nice bump in pay. Is 73 doing any EWR? First world problems. I know, bid what you want, want what you bid. Opinions?
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Originally Posted by bluto13 View Post
Curious about guys opinions? Currently about 25% on ER B NY. Could get around 85% 73 A in NY. Commuting. Big change in QOL, nice bump in pay. Is 73 doing any EWR? First world problems. I know, bid what you want, want what you bid. Opinions?
Best way would be to look at the monthly awards for 73A NYC and too see what guys are getting around your relative position. Also look at the 73A bid pack to see if there are EWR trips.
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Yes we do EWR on the NYC 73, but it is normally only 5-10% of the entire months worth of rotations. Roughly 75-80% JFK and 10-15% LGA.
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Old 03-23-2019, 04:45 PM   #4  
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Even if you do have more EWR trips the pay raise will allow you to use Uber for every trip and you will still be well ahead.
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Old 03-23-2019, 07:33 PM   #5  
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Have you considered going to one of the pure int'l categories, like 765 or 330? That's good stuff! (Though I've heard NYC 765 trip mix has deteriorated lately.)
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Old 03-24-2019, 03:29 AM   #6  
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If you are not in a situation commuting where you donít have a witching hour for long call than there is no real choice. You would be to close to reserve to risk that on the 737. If you are ok to stay home with the 12 hour leash the 737 is a option. Be aware that 737 deliveries are about over and you might see the A320 become more junior being a growing category.
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Old 03-24-2019, 04:08 AM   #7  
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Commuting to RES sucks, commuting to RES in NYC or LA is even worse due to traffic, cost, and covering multiple airports. How much is your time worth? As a senior B you can pick double commutable trips, fly with captains you like to destinations where you want to go. As a junior A with a line you get to fly with your favorite captain but you'll likely be commuting in day-prior and going home day after and while on the job you'll be flying red eyes and/or staying at layovers that nobody else wanted. So what's better, 4 days of FO pay flying a trip you wanted and then commuting home when the trip is done or 6 days away from home for 4 days of captain pay, flying trips nobody wanted, plus paying for a crashpad/hotel?

For reference, I live in ATL which is a pretty easy NYC commute and there's no way in hell I'd commute to an NYC NB below whatever seniority it takes to guarantee double commutable trips. Now, if you're single and just like hanging out in NYC then the math changes considerably.
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NYC73N has arguably the best domestic trips in the system. I still miss it.

Positives are 90% of trips are 1-2 legs a day, excellent layovers in the Caribbean or West Coast for the most part, and EWR is very small percentage of trips if at all. Completely different story on other fleets like the 717(YIKES!). Plenty of crash pads in Kew Gardens and it's easy to get to LGA and JFK from there. Majority of reserve assignments will be out of JFK. Ending a trip with a rep eye sets you up nicely to catch an early flight for your commute home. Also some months the junior pilot is a line holder so that adds some schedule flexibility

Negatives are hardly any trips are commutable both sides so you'll have to pick which side to commute, some of the best Caribbean layovers like Aruba are for the most part, uncommutable on both sides, abundance of Red eyes, and if you're coming from a widebody, I've been told by 73 Capts I flew with you'll find the 737 incredibly crammed, loud, and less margin for error especially when landing a 900. I was coming from the MD88 so I found the 737 to be a technological marvel. Also if you land at JFK or LGA late night during the last arrival bank and choose uBer or Lyft the prices are usually surged into the $50+range to the Kew.

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All newhire FO’s on the trips you will hold. Just something to think about. Personally I couldn’t care what you do so long as you stay off the 330B since you’re senior to me!
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