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What do you expect from a Full Simulator

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What do you expect from a Full Simulator

Old 02-22-2020, 04:04 AM
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Default What do you expect from a Full Simulator

Hi guys,

I am interested into joining the full flight simulator industry and started interviewing for a position in customer support.

I would like to better understand from a customer's point of view, once you have bought a 1 to 10 M$ Simulator and got it delivered, up and running, what are the expectations, frustrations and typical interactions you have with the FFS costumer support teams.

I am new to the industry to anykind of answer or opinion is welcomed :-).

Thank you !
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Old 12-20-2020, 10:23 PM
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Default So I booked a real world 737-800 flight simul

Hi guys. I have just returned from using one of the real 737-800 flight simulator cockpits here in darling harbour, Sydney Australia. All I can say is it was interesting.

So I arrive and shake my hands with my "co-pilot" and head on into the cockpit. Now, I believe if you are employed by one of these simulation company's, you should know the ins and outs and workings of a 737. I am not a pilot myself but thanks to the PMDG 737-800, I fly all my flights on FSX as much as like a real world pilot would. In FSX, I enter my flight plan into the FMC, my fuel loadings, take off settings, flaps, V speeds etc. when I booked the simulator, I was expecting the same experience.

So we sit down and I take the captain seat. The co-pilot asks me which airport I would like to take off. I explain to him that I would like to do a short IFR flight from Kingsford smith international (Sydney) to canberra international which is a 40 min flight IRL. He says ok and sets up the 737 on runway 16R. I ask him if I can enter the flight plan into the FMC and set up my VNAV AND LNAV details. He gives me a blank look. He does not know what I am talking about. I had my air way details written on my phone before I arrived so I asked him if I could enter them in. He was surprised that I knew the workings of the plane and was watching me in fascination while I set up the flight, entered my take off settings and de rated the engines. I set them up, hit 50kts and activated the TO/GO switch once the engines hit the "bite". Took off and activated the LNAV and VNAV. The employee was as much shocked as I was with him that he didn't know this. Arriving into canberra, I set up my auto-land and ILS details which brings me into a perfect landing which after I taxi into the gate.

Once we are finished, we step outside and the employee starts boasting about me and says that all there usual customers hardly do any ILS flights and they only do landings and take offs. The owner offered me a job while shaking my hand. It was a proud moment. Thank you FSX and PMDG

Which brings me to this. Has anyone else been to the simulators and experience anything like this ?

Thanks for reading.
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Old 12-21-2020, 10:04 PM
All is fine at .79
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It’s TO/GA.
You programmed a box.
Used the autopilot and did an autoland.
Just like FSX.

This is not what regular customers do, they go for an airplane ride in visual conditions with a couple of bounces down the runways.
If you want a real pilot you’d have to pay for a real pilot and the operator would be out of business as 99% of his clientele don’t need a “real” pilot.
So you get what you pay for.
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Old 12-21-2020, 10:16 PM
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There’s a sim like this in a mall in Singapore that my wife “flew” a couple years ago. The guy running it was nice, and they had the old Kai Tak Hong Kong airport in the database. She managed to land with some coaching, it was kinda fun to watch!
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