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Internship question

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Default Internship question

Hello all,

I am currently a Electrical Engineering student and already have over 1500 hours. I have a Commercial Single & Multi Engine Land and a Flight Instructor license.I also have a Bachelors in Aviation Science. I want to one day become a Flight Test Engineer and then a Test Pilot. I got offered a Product Engineering Intern Position for a large semiconductor company. Will a position like Product Engineering Intern benefit me with getting a career with a aerospace company like Boeing or Lockheed?

Thank You in Advance
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Probably .
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You should be very proud of your accomplishments. The FAA occasionally has GS-14 Flight Test Pilot positions available. Requires background as a military test pilot OR graduate of National Test Pilot's School (civilian) at Mojave Desert/Edwards AFB, CA. This school is very expensive. Last time I checked, tuition was well north of $200K.
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Thank You Perfinit. I'm in my late 20's now so i dont think i would be eligible for military as a pilot. I wanted to find out if there are people on APC who have gone to Boeing for example as an Engineer and with the same background became Flight Test Engineers or Test Pilots. I have heard of people doing that but never met anyone like that.
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Boeing uses computer analysis and modeling to reduce much of the traditional hands-on flight testing. Most of what flight test pilots do is validation of the computer modeling. Even so, everyone I've met at Boeing who does testing and validation has stellar credentials to include military flight test schools. They tell me the turnover rate is glacial at best.

Boeing has a very mature intern program, have you applied? I'd suggest getting an interview and get the info directly from Boeing.

Boeing: College and Early Career: Engineering Intern Programs
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Agree with PerfInit
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