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Old 08-28-2019, 01:54 PM   #1  
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Default FDX 22 Election Tomorrow

Just sent this campaign email to LEC 22. Tomorrow is the election and it happens at the Germantown Center at 11:00.

If you want to see me elected then you need to participate. If you don't come to the meeting, you don't vote, and I can't have a positive effect. I know it's work, but there's free food.

I truly don't aim to put my opponent down, and I hope that comes through in my message. I simply think the differences in our experience are important and substantial.

Come to the meeting tomorrow and drag all your friends in LEC 22 along. See you there.

Brad Mahoney
MD-11 Captain

Hello, LEC 22. Just a quick, final note to about the election tomorrow.

There has been a late entry into the race to replace Capt Clark Kluwe. Captain Rick Perkins has declared his candidacy and I welcome him to the race.

I would have liked to have enough time to allow our pilots to explore and contrast our positions so they can vote as informed constituents, but there is less than 24 hours before the vote. I have been answering questions from pilots about my positions for 2 weeks now and hope that everyone has had enough time to get their questions to me. Iíll be happy to answer any questions tomorrow as well.

I believe that my opponent is a good man. He has been working in union work for a while and I thank him for that. His experience is in the Security Committee from what I gather from his campaign letter. It is vital work and deserving of high respect. I also applaud Rick for stepping up. Itís not easy to put yourself on the public stage like this.

But there are some substantial differences between our resumes. His history is apparently devoid of negotiations experience. Mine is replete with it. That kind of experience is the most important thing we need in our MEC as we enter negotiations.

óIf you want to be sure that we donít weakly stumble into the next negotiation, then SHOW UP and vote for me tomorrow. You have seen me fight for pilots.

óIf you want someone who understands every aspect of negotiations, then SHOW UP and vote for me tomorrow. Experience like mine is hard earned and vital. Rick has done good work, but has no negotiations experience that Iím aware of.

óIf you want someone who has a proven record of demanding ethical and strong leadership, then SHOW UP and vote for me tomorrow. Youíve seen me fight this fight in the past.

óIf you want someone who is proven in judging the intent of management, then SHOW UP and vote for me tomorrow. Youíve seen my predictions of managementís intent play out.

I believe my opponent is a good man, but my experience and history are exact for the needs of a negotiation with management.

Whether I win or lose tomorrow, I want everyone to SHOW UP and vote.

Brad Mahoney
MD-11 Captain


This election will be during the LEC meeting tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. at the Germantown Center. Because it is an election to replace a rep in the middle of their term, it is done at an LEC meeting and not by normal voting procedures. You must attend if you want to vote. Please attend this meeting. It is important for the next negotiation and the rest of your career.


This is important to the pilots in blocks 5 and 7 as, not just block 2. It is the entire LEC that votes, not just the block affected, so blocks 5 and 7 can and must vote as well. This choice is easily as important to blocks 5 and 7 because of the effects you will feel for the rest of your career if we weakly stumble into the next contract negotiation. Vote to put strength and experience on your side. Donít sit this out.
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Old 08-31-2019, 12:04 PM   #2  
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Does anyone know what the results are?

Had a son graduating from BMT and couldn’t get to Mempho.
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Old 09-01-2019, 08:58 AM   #3  
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Website shows Capt Perkins as the interim
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