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Tarrant County College (TCC) out of KAFW. Its a two year program for 0-CFII and very affordable.
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Originally Posted by adamcfi View Post
Have a look at California Aeronautical University

We offer a Bachelors degree (satisfying the restricted ATP requirements), immersion program, and a unique solely aviation university campus in sunny California (yes with plenty of mountains).

3 year program that meets your needs and gets you ready for the professional aviation culture!

Good luck!

You can offer R-ATP? I was looking at the FAA Institutional Authority List and didnt see this school. How can your program enable a pilot to qualify for R-ATP if you are not on the list?
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Originally Posted by Jrellim27 View Post
I have recently gained an interest and desire to become a pilot. I have been searching all over the internet and I'm not sure where to start. I am 25, no college degree, and recently moved to Colorado. I am interested in getting a Private Pilot License, working my way up to a Commercial License and learning everything I need to know. I'm not sure if I want to work for regional, majors, cargo, corporate, get into aerobatics, or find a way to involve it with a photography job. There are so many opportunities that I'd just like to get my license first and go from there. I am also interested in going to school and finally getting a degree.

I know there are a a few options out there:
1. Go to an Aviation University (UND, Embry-Riddle, Purdue..)
2. Military/Airforce
3. Go to a local mom/pop flight school and at the same time attending a college for a degree for something else. (I read about having a back up plan in case you don't pass a medical, furlough, etc.)

I really love the thought of attending a school like UND and just being fully immersed in everything aviation, being surrounded by students with the same passion and goals, having access to alumni, a network, and many programs/clubs. I also like that they are part 141 and seem very thorough. I won't ponder if I'm missing any sort of important knowledge/training by going to UND. My main concern is I just moved to CO and can't afford the expense of moving again so quickly. But I'm not ruling it out. I'm also very interested in the local mom/pop flight schools due to the opportunity of gaining special knowledge they don't teach you in school. I like that in the area we can get mountain flying training that you can't obtain in flat land ND... Plus, it's much cheaper. I also have NO life obligations right now (boyfriend, friends, family, school, job, etc.) as I just moved here. So that does allow me to put in the time and dedication to fly and train as often as I want. I think If I went to a mom/pop flight school I could "fly" through training pretty quickly

That also brings up another question. This might be a silly question but are there places to look that would offer financial help for mom/pop schools? I.E. scholarships/grants. I'd need to be taking out a hefty ($30,000-$40,000?) personal loan in order to do this. I am currently looking for a job.

I'm looking to hopefully receive some insight, advice, and personal experiences. If there is anyone reading this from CO: What flight school and education route did you choose?
If I were you, I'd go enlist in my local ANG/AFRC unit. Now you have a job and access to $ for college. Now, work your tail off doing both and as you get closer to graduation (college), You would have already have done a 3 yr "on the job" interview for a pilot slot in that unit. If your not a douche and showed them you are what they are looking for, they will send you to UPT. Everything would be paid for.... time to majors from right now via my plan, realistically probably 6-10 years depending on you.
Time to majors via financing it all yourself and going through a university, probably 6-10 years. Difference, one has no debt and pays you along the way. The other you are gonna be up to your ears in debt if you are loaning your way towards this.

either way, make sure it's what you want to do because all routes to a paid flying job come with heavy commitments some way or another

Disclaimer: there are literally as many ways to a cockpit as there are pilots. Each has his own path. All come with dedication b/c it ain't a easy road from here to there.
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