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Default advice is needed

I am currently a senior in high school and want a career in avaition. I am planing on going to Western Michigan's Avaiation School next year to pursue this career. My ultimate goal is to be able to see the world while im still young. What is the fastest way to be able to fly commercial or cargo internationally? And as a pilot are you allowed to stay at destinations for your time off?
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You will want to do a LOT of research before you commit to a flying career or training program. The flight training industry is notorious for taking advantage of young people who don't know anything about the industry.

In the old days, we didn't have the internet, but you can go to these forums and hear from folks who have learned the hard way what the deal is. Please do yourself a big favor and take advantage of the available info. Look at too.

Abbreviated summary of civilian pilot career:

Get a private pilot license in your hometown, find out if you actually like flying before you sign up for a big commercial training program.

Training: 1-4 years depending on the program. You will need a college degree, prefarably NOT in an aviation subject unless it is an actual engineering. This will cost $35K - $200K

Flight Instructor: 1-4 Years, build flight experience teaching others to fly in small propellor aircraft. This pays very poorly.

Night Cargo: 1-2 years, fly small propellor airplanes single-pilot at night delivering overnight cargo to and from small towns. (you can often skip this and go directly to a Regional Airline). This pays poorly.

Regional Airline: 2-4 years First Officer (very poor pay), then 2-6 years as Captain (OK pay) . Fly turbo-prop and small jet airliners in North America.

Now you have been flying for 7-20 years, and may have a shot at the dream job...

Major Airlines: This includes all of the large passenger AND large cargo airlines. If you want to go international, this is where it happens. These jobs are usually very hard to get. Cargo is harder to get than passenger in the current economic environment, because it can pay very well.

Note: If you get a degree (maybe scholarship) and fly fixed wing (NOT helos) for the military you have a very good chance of getting a major airline job when you leave the military after 8-10 years. This is good because the military pays for all of your training AND pays you quite well along the way. If you are medically and academically qualified and have an opportunity to fly military, turning it down would be the biggest mistake of your career. You can also join the Air National Guard after you get civilian pilot training, this will give you an excellent shot at a major airline job.

If you get a job flying flying large aircraft on international routes, you are likley to have about 24 hours at your destination. Also airline pilots can fly for almost free, so you can go places on your days off. As a regional airline pilot at most airlines you have very good travel benefits. When I was young and based on the east coast, I'd hop over to Europe just to go drinking on a Saturday night.

Good Luck and do your homework.

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I totally agree with you on this. and that's how i've planed my future too. But i am thinking of getting degree online. which will save lot of time and hopefully money as far as getting college degree in any subject. That way i can get my degree and ppl or some more other ratings at the same time.
I am just wondering if there is any good reputed online college avialable. There are lot of fake online university now a days don't know which one to trust.
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