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Default New PPL


Just a little background about my self before I start asking questions. I am currently a 17 year old (4/21) junior in high school., I received my Private on May 1st and am currently working on my instrument out of KSQL (San Carlos), CA. I fly out of Diamond/Jato Aviation is anyone is familiar, Part 61.

These questions may be to vague, and maybe even not relevant but I appreciate all responses. I am very passionate at becoming a career pilot, military may be an option later, but not my current goal. Due to my age I have to wait after accumulating hours until the appropriate age for whichever license I'm obtaining.

What I am really looking for is the best "route" towards my dream of being a career pilot. When I say this I mean, the best way to spend my money, at my age, which licenses/ratings to get in which order, etc. Again I am not sure if these questions are too "out there" or not detailed enough. Keep in mind I am still new to this forum and learning more and more about the reality of air carriers, etc. INS, CPL, CFI I believe is a must, the order, etc is the question.

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Well generally, you want to get your PPL, then INS, CPL and then tack on your multi ratings at some point. There is also the CFI route as well. Good luck.
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I got my Private when I was 17 and got my Instrument, Commercial, Multi, CFI, CFII and MEI when I was 18. You could flight instructor for a couple years to gain the flight experience you need (approx. 1000-1500 hours) before you head off to the airlines. In the next 5 years, you may need an ATP to get hired at 121 carrier, but you can always join 135 or just instruct until you get your ATP. If you decide to go the military route, I would suggest instructing while working on a Bachelors degree so you can join as an Officer. Either way, congrats on the private and keep up the hard work!
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Please read the thread above this one Lucas...
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Congrats on the License! Huge accomplishment!

I'll tell you what I'm in the process of doing to give you one possible route. I started flight training when I was 15 and 1/2 or so, so I can relate to your feeling of having to wait foooorever to take a checkride. I, like you did, got my private in high school and was able to wrap up the instrument (both under Part 61) before entering college.

First off, at this point you probably don't have to worry too much about the age problem. The next age hurdle is 18 to get commercial, and by the time you finish instrument, and are ready for your commercial checkride, you will likely be 18. You don't have to, but getting a college degree is a very good idea. If all plans fall through, many employers don't even care what the degree is in, as long as you have one.

Where I'm at now, is at a college (Ohio State University) that has an aviation program. There are several in all parts of the country, Purdue, Middle Tennessee, Embry Riddle, Witchita, NC state to name a few (the one's I looked at). Here, you are getting college credit towards a professional pilot degree for your flight training. I'm going for a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, while getting college credit for flight training, so you don't have to get a degree in Aviation (aka professional pilot), I could just as easily get a degree in Communications and still get college credit for flying. This is how most of these Aviation colleges work. I'm done with my CFI, wrapping up my Sophomore year, so you could still be right on track with where you would normally be if all your focus was on flight training.

The downside to this option is most of these colleges, including mine do not include the flight training in the "get a college degree package". It's very very expensive, since this is ON TOP OF TUITION. Granted, you would spend the same amount of money on flight training regardless of where you go, it's just a matter of whether or not you want a college degree/tuition costs with it.

I know this is long, but one more thing is that many colleges have an ROTC program. If you're considering going into the services, you could do ROTC and flight training!
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There's a lot of truth to the above post.

If I were you, and considering the military as an option, I would find a state school with an ROTC program and apply for an ROTC scholarship. This will allow you to
1.) Not pay for school
2.) Secure yourself with an education if something prohibits you from aviating in the future
3.) Provide you a great career right after college
4.) Go to a school with a social life and girls as opposed to one of the pilot factory/puppy mills

You can continue to fly as a hobby while in college, get your CFI and instruct as an undergrad. That will leave you some options if you decide the military isn't for you (before incurring a commitment) and will also build valuable experience for military flight training.

Bottom line is you're setting yourself up nicely, just make wise educated desicions from here and do everything you can to pay as little out of pocket as possible. And for the love of GOD stay away from ERAU.
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Originally Posted by JetDoc View Post
Please read the thread above this one Lucas...
I have, it is an excellent resource, but doesn't apply to students like me as much as other insight would.


Thank you all for your replies and congratulations. I appreciate all your effort to help my succeed and for the much needed advice and sources. ROTC looks pretty promising and is something I will definitely consider now. Thank you all again for all your hard work to help a fellow pilot out, we will be in touch as new questions arise!

Thanks again

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