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Originally Posted by beerbearbastard View Post
Thanks for all the replies guys.

Another question, I've always been a Jack London fan as most lads should be. I've also just reread Into the Wild, can anyone recommend anyone good reading set in Alaska, old or new, or any flying material. Preferably available on Kindle or amazon. Just to get us excited.

Two of us have green cards and will try use this trip to make contacts with the view of settling down for a few years.

I appreciate all the local gen regarding weather and will definitely keep notes of all shared. Two of us are wanting to do our FAA flight tests in Alaska, which school would you say is best suited to this? Which fields or bars should we be hanging around if were looking for work? Most of us have 2500+ multi-engine time, and 2 of us have green cards.

Any good websites to scour for information on general alaska tourist activity, and accommodation ?

Will keep an eye out on craiglists, and alakalist, thanks Panzon!

questions questions questions
For an extensive list of books, many of which deal with flying in Alaska, read the book thread on - The Home of All Things PA-18. One of my favorite books is Flying The North, by Jean Potter. I've met descendants and co-workers of the pilots she wrote about, and it's really cool to have a connection to the early days of aviation in the state.

When you get to Anchorage be sure to stop in at Tidal Wave, a new and used bookstore. They have extensive sections on flying and recreation. Just down the block is REI, where you can find out about all kinds of hiking and camping, and potentially connect with like-minded people. There is also a climbing gear store a block from REI where you can connect with even more people. I can't remember its name, but the REI employees will help you find it.

If you're looking for flying jobs just pop in at the various operators at Anchorage Intl, Lake Hood, Merrill Field, and Fairbanks. Bring your resume (and green card) and ask for the Chief Pilot.

With the times you have you might try Everts in Fairbanks, as they are always looking for right seaters in the DC-6 and DC-9. That might be a good way to get the Alaska time you'll need for employment at other companies.

As for hangouts where you might run into potential employers - I'm not aware of any. But Gwennies and the Millenium (both on Spenard Ave), and Peggie's across from Merrill Field, are popular places with the general aviation crowd.

As for you asked about: I've not subscribed to it myself, so I can't tell you it's value. I don't know anyone who has. My guess is that you will be able to find the same info for free.

I can't address your other questions.
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Without a permanent resident card/valid visa, you won't be able to work in Alaska.
For pilot jobs, you won't be able to obtain a working visa.
For further ratings, you'll need a M1 visa as well.
I hope the two of you who have the green cards already know if they are still valid (outside the country for 6 months without a re-entry permit = invalid GC, just as an example...)

It's impossible to give further advice without knowing what immigration status you guys will have when entering the country.
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