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Old 05-23-2006, 11:09 AM   #1  
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Default Citation Shares info Please

I am thinking about giving up my dying airline job at a soon to be defunct bankrupt carrier. At 53 years old with 23,000 hours, going fractional shouldn't be a problem. What I really want to know is how's the atmosphere at CShares? How's the management/employee relations? What can one expect to earn in the first couple of years and how long to upgrade? Thanks
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Dude.... why the F2ck dont you retire..... by the way your attitude about 20 whatever thousand hours getting you a job is EXACTLY why airline guys don't get hired in the corporate world........... Good luck !!!!!
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Old 06-02-2006, 09:45 AM   #3  
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Any response that starts with "Dude" should be immediately disregarded. And that's Capt Dude to you sir! REDWAVE
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I left to airlines(regionals) a few months back for the fracs and could not be happier with this decision. These are two very different types of work and work environments. As far as pay is concerned, look at the airlines tab on this web site. You can find all the pay scales industry wide right there. Like the other guy stated, 23k hours is great, but you have to back that up with people skills and personality or else you might as well have 23 hours. All of these companies want people who can provide great customer service, adapt to changing situations, and lastly but equally have the flying skills to safely do all of this. I would look into it if I were you. If you're crazy enough you can even work past 60.
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My son is will celebrate his 1st year with Flexjet in a few days. So far he is very happy with the job. Although he says "They don't call it Flexjet for no reason". Sometimes the schedule will change a couple of times a day. The good news is they usually put them in 1st class hotels. The bad news is they are usually out by the airport. He is in the middle of a 6 day trip and going from Albany, N.Y to Bermuda and who knows after that? He has already reached "elite" status on USAir[they get to keep the f/f miles from deadheading]. All in all not a bad way to make a living.
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