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Pan Am show

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Default Pan Am show

Posted: Mon., Sep. 20, 2010, 4:00am PT
Pilot flies Pan Am
ABC develops drama about iconic airline

Legendary airline Pan Am is once again taking to the air, via a pilot commitment at ABC.
ABC is developing a 1960s-set drama circling the pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the
most glamorous way to fly.
Sony Pictures TV is behind the project, with "ER" alum Jack Orman attached to write and "The West
Wing's" Thomas Schlamme on board to direct. Idea for the project came from producer Nancy Ganis, who
was a Pan Am flight attendant 30 years ago.
Project reps one of two major commitments made at the end of last week by new ABC Entertainment prexy
Paul Lee and his team. The Alphabet also landed Rene Echevarria's smallscreen take on the 1994 James
Cameron feature "True Lies."
In the case of "Pan Am," Sony Pictures TV production president Zack Van Amburg said the idea came from
a meeting he and fellow prexy, Jamie Erlicht, had with Ganis and her husband/production partner Sid
When Nancy Ganis began spinning tales of historically relevant intrigue, sex and what it meant to be a
flight attendant in the go-go days of flight travel, Van Amburg and Erlicht latched on to the idea.
"These were the world's ambassadors," Van Amburg said. "They were really interesting women at a time
when a lot of things were happening, particularly for women in this country... and in terms for what Pan Am
did for exporting American culture and importing the world, think about all the visuals of the Beatles
landing at JFK on Pan Am."
Pilot flies Pan Am - 9/20/10 8:11 AM
Pilot flies Pan Am - Page 2 of 3
"Pan Am" will take place in the mid-1960s -- the same era that Emmy-winning drama "Mad Men"
chronicles. Without dwelling too much on that show, Van Amburg admitted that the critical acclaim behind
"Mad Men" likely made it easier to pitch a period piece like this one.
"Absolutely 'Mad Men' made the period more acceptable," he said. "It's a template for that period. But I
don't think we'd go out and imitate what 'Mad Men' does."
Before pitching the show, however, Sony and Ganis had to secure the rights to the Pan Am brand -- which
wasn't easy.
The intellectual property for Pan Am (full name: Pan American World Airways) is owned by the privatelyheld
Pan Am Systems, which is run by Mellon banking heir Timothy Mellon, as well as David Fink and son
David A. Fink, among others.
The original Pan Am filed for bankruptcy and shut down in 1991; however, the name has been licensed to
other small airlines since then. No plane has flown under the Pan Am name since 2008, however.
More recently, the Pan Am name and logo were used by designer Marc Jacobs for a line of hugely
successful handbags and accessories.
Sony and Ganis had to wait until Jacobs' license to use the Pan Am name and logo expired before moving
forward. The rights have now been fully licensed for the show, Van Amburg said.
"Nancy worked long and hard to convince them that TV was the next flight for Pan Am to take," he said.
Although he has no confirmation of this, Van Amburg said Pan Am's owners may see the TV show as an
opportunity to relaunch the brand -- perhaps once again via flight.
"But that's all secondary to planning to make a great TV show," said Van Amburg, who noted that
Schlamme "got the visual architecture of the show as well as the narrative."
"Tommy sees this as an incredibly patriotic show," Van Amburg said. "Jet travel was part of the exporting
of American culture."
And in bringing on Orman, who wrote the "Matadors" pilot last season for Sony (where he now has an
overall deal), Van Amburg said the scribe "got the possibilities of what 'Pan Am' could be and elevated all
those anecdotes."
An excited Van Amburg, who called "Pan Am" "the most viable drama I've heard of or seen in a long
time," said the show received interest from multiple networks but that ABC's Lee "moved mountains to
make it happen."
As imagined by Orman and Schlamme, along with Nancy and Sid Ganis, "Pan Am" will focus on the flight
attendants and their underlying secrets. One of the characters, for example, is recruited by the State Dept.
into espionage -- something that actually happened in real life. Another character may hail from France.
Van Amburg said there's also a bit of wish fulfillment and an aspirational quality to "Pan Am," given how
today's air travel is seen as pretty miserable by most travelers. In the 1960s, jet travel was still considered
exotic, and something people dreamed of experiencing.
Pilot flies Pan Am - 9/20/10 8:11 AM
Pilot flies Pan Am - Page 3 of 3
"Pan Am" will be based in New York, where the airline had a major hub. Show will also regularly use
Miami and foreign cities as settings. Orman, Schlamme and Nancy Ganis are all exec producers, while Sid
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This could be good if done right. If the producers take some pages from the Pan Am book "Skygod" and capture some of that "Madmen" vibe I bet this might be really cool.
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'today's air travel is seen as pretty miserable by most travelers'
One cannot really expect to get 5 star service with 2 star fares now can they ?
My opinion is that travellers brought this misery upon themselves over the years.
I sure do miss the chateau briand though

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Should have another network counter this show with one about today's regional airline pilots...
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We're getting closer to the start of this new show! Wheee!

Watch Full Episodes for Free Online - Pan Am -

I hope to see some realism (i.e., grumpy FAs and fat, balding pilots).
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I want to see the episode where they are flying along at altitude and all three pilots are relaxing while having a smoke.
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Default The Golden Age

Originally Posted by vagabond View Post
I hope to see some realism (i.e., grumpy FAs and fat, balding pilots).
Ah, those were the days! So much better than grumpy pilots and fat, balding FAs.
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That spinner Christina Ricci is hot!
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