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Tool of the day

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Originally Posted by TeamSasquatch
Any info on what the average age of all the new hires was for the last year? Iíve been given the impression NetJets is hiring some rather young pilots.
Hasn't been a union issued age graph released in several months. But judging by the new-hire class photos, I'd say average is in the 30's with an outlier or two on both extremes.
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Ok this thread has drifted from its intended purpose.

To reset it, today's tool is a Piper driver at a busy mixed airport. My IFR release was to be delayed, and tower told me I could shut down engine way off in the side near a runup area.

Tool comes up behind me, pulls up really close so my wing is in front of his, without room to taxi past me or turn around, in order to do his runup.

Yeah, he was "being nice" trying to indicate that I would go first. He then sees my engine is stopped, and is trapped. Yeah, airplanes don't have reverse. He had plenty of room to maneuver had he just not been stupid.

So, hot engine start for me to taxi out of his way, turn around behind him, so he can take off VFR. Didn't bother to shut down again, so another unneccessary $80 worth on the Hobbs. Pay attention, people.

When part 121 operating tower puts the GA on the intersection or vice versa, so hopefully none of the jets have to worry about tools blocking taxiways.
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You're nicer than me. I don't think I'd have started up to accommodate the piper, but then I have a low tolerance for stupidity.
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