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Introduce yourself

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Hola! I'm a contract pilot and own a pilot shop. Also a part time CFI.
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I am a First Officer with a regional airline
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Crj ca for us regional. 10000 hrs. Trying to move on.
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Trying to make the switch from turboprop/bush to the jet/airline or corporate world. Using this site to try to learn more about the current state of the industry.
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I'm a captain for a lcc.
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Default Howdy

Hello everyone,

My background is pure civilian:

Stupid kid
Smart kid
Stupid instructor
Wise instructor
Fearful timid freight dog
Brave freight dog
Scared %$#@less freight dog
Happy NetJets guy
Really happy airline pilot
Furloughed, disillusioned airline pilot
Cynical instructor
Really cynical, suspicious corporate pilot (you want to go WHERE?)
Happy airline pilot

Wondering what is next...
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On Reserve
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Army Helicopter...loved job...Hated Camping!
CG Helo...loved rescuing people.....Hated boats!
Commuter pilot..loved life.. hated pay
Major Airline...hated life...loved pay
Furloughed 3 times....No Pay..No life...Loved no stress...
Whats Next....????
"You want fries with that order?"
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Haaay everybody
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I'm a regional airline pilot, looking for options
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Furloughed Major FO
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