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Originally Posted by Boss Hoggin View Post
I currently fly for a Part 121 carrier that opted out of the FFDO program. To rephrase my question: Are there any pilots at Atlas that are currently FFDO Officers?

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You are absolutely mistaken.
H.R. 4635, "Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act" moved to remove liability from carriers, and shift the responsibility onto the federal government for actions of FFDO's, and "Prohibits an air carrier from prohibiting or threatening any retaliatory action against a pilot for becoming a Federal flight deck officer."
An eligible air carrier CAN NOT prohibit its pilots from applying and becoming deputized. If you're really interested in the program, I suggest you start with reading the bill that made the program possible.
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Originally Posted by captainv View Post
There are a few. You could only realistically participate on the 767 side, on domestic cargo runs.
Even then I'd think it was tricky. What if they change your schedule and send you to Europe?
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Originally Posted by Flyfish83 View Post
That's what I am afraid of. If they take away the gateway and home basing it would make an already tough commute almost impossible. Looking from the outside in, I want to be optimistic that management would to agree on a good contract and keep the backbone of their operation happy. Unfortunately, everything I read seems to say otherwise. Good luck to all you guys that are in the thick of it. If it looks as though it will change for the better, I may just have to put in my app.
Don't be too afraid. If we do lose Gateway or Home basing, its because we would have a contract similar to UPS in the next five years.
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Atlas has zero interest in negotiating a contract. This is all a show so they can say they tried. Every time anything involving money comes up they're not prepared.
They're waiting for the courts to rule in their favor and force the merger of the two exsisting contracts.

If they can find a way to drop our travel they will. Put that monkey on their employees. They don't care. It's a cost they don't want.

Don't come here in the hopes of a new contract. HR and middle management are lying to incoming applicants just to fill the seats any way they can.

Everyone is abandoning the ship as fast as they can. Unfortunately the carriers aren't taking our guys fast enough.
UPS! FedEx! Want to take care of the competition??? Take their pilots!!
Everyone would leave tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Crazy Canuck View Post
Yes, Atlas has often works with me to get me alternate travel to wherever I am in the world. Itís one of the few perks we have, for now at least. Many times I have enjoyed alternate travel intra Europe to go from a personal travel trip to work.

Keep in mind they are not obligated to and your success will depend upon the mood of whatever travel/scheduling agent you get on the phone. BKK would be an easy one because we have a freighter to HKG every day as well. With things going south between the union and company donít be surprised if they axe this completely, as alternate travel is completely at their discretion.
thank you, appreciate it
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Has anyone been contacted for the upcoming classes - online test, phone interview, interview invitation?
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hey 744driver

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