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Old 01-12-2019, 11:53 PM   #1  
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Default Horizon Questions

Thank you in advance to those who respond and help answer my questions. Iíve looked through the forums and I can find answers to some of my questions but they are either too vague or a little on the older side so I thought it would just be easier to make a new thread.

-First, although I currently have the 1500 hours and the rest of the experience reqs, my current flying job has me locked in to a training contract until July. If I apply, interview, and get offered the job, could I defer my class date until around late July or early August?

-I see you can either apply to Horizon either through Airline Apps or the Alaska/Horizon website. Does applying through one or the other signal a quicker response from HR? Do they have a preferred method of where you apply? Currently, what is the average time to hear from Horizon after applying?

-I saw a few answers to this question from a few months ago but was wondering for todayís purpose, if one were offered an interview, what would be the earliest date that person could interview?

-Also, what are the current class dates being offered for the 175? Iím not interested in the Q. And for those who might criticize my interest only in the jet, itís not because Iím against flying turboprops. I actually like flying them. Its just that flying the Metro for awhile now has given me a bad aftertaste.

Once again, thank you in advance for answering my questions.
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Your best bet to getting the most up-to-date answers to your questions, would be to email [email protected] and ask them.
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Apply using the horizon website. They will hopefully call you within a week. Interview will likely be in 4-5 weeks.
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I am going to piggyback on this thread to get a question answered...

I know the bonus is based on two year contact but is the ATP-CPT as well? I will be a commuter and with that said I have wondered if one of those home based 135 gigs would work better for my situation. I doubt I leave before 2 years, but asking just for when that time/decision comes. Apparently, Trans States is asking for 10k from a buddy of mine that just left after a year as reimbursement for his ATP training. He also took part of the bonus but didn't spend it as he had a feeling he wouldn't stay 2 years.
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