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Old 11-16-2005, 05:38 PM   #1  
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Default Jet Blue Dispatch


I will be separating form the Marine Corps in a few months as a Captain. I am currently an air traffic control officer. I have an instrument rating as well but not nearly enough hours to consider flying.

I am looking at the FAA of course but also at flight dispatch. I am trying to get information on being a dispatcher with Jet Blue. I don't have a dispatch cert yet but could easily get one.

Would my aviation experience help me to get hired at jet blue without working at smaller airline first?
What is the pay progression like?
Is one dispatch school better than another?

I realize this is the pilot forum but if anyone knows a bit about this or could point me to someone that does I would appreciate it.

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If you can handle controlling, I would definately go that route over dispatching. The pay that you will see as a controller will far exceed that of a dispatcher (at any airline), and multiply much faster as well. Even at a small relaxed airport in Iowa, you are likely to make more money. (I know of several controllers that have 4-5 years experience and make upwards of 80K once all of the overtime and special pay is added in).

That said, if you do decide to get away from the ATC system, I would imagine that your experience probably could land you a job with just about any airline (assuming that you get your dispatch lic). Most companies employ ATC "coordinators" in their dispatch centers- These are the people that coordinate through FAA system control on the airlines behalf~ I think that you would be well suited for one of these positions.
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Old 11-16-2005, 06:52 PM   #3  
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One of the controllers @ my local airport is X Military. He said it was a bit difficult transitioning but worth it.
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Old 11-17-2005, 05:21 AM   #4  
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It'll be much easier to transfer into a dispatch position if B6 all ready employs you. Most of the new dispatchers I know of were internal hires. Your best bet is to get on at JFK or Forest Hills. It'll be easier to network that way, than some other out station. Let me know when you get on and I'll introduce you to a person that may (or may not) help.


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Old 11-18-2005, 02:24 PM   #5  
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Default Dispatch

While my experience may be a little dated, I would strongly recommend that you continue with your ATC background. Your ATC experience, college degree and proven managerial skills will take you a long way with the FAA. I got off active duty in the Marine Corps in the mid 70's after the Arab oil embargo turned the airlines upside down (sound familiar ?). I took a job as a controller at the LGA sector of the New York TRACON in order to get a facilities check pilot job as the FAA only hired from within at that time, and no one was interested in my consumate skills as a fighter/attack pilot. I left for a pilot job with Braniff before I could get the flying job with the FAA but a friend of mine did and he is now a B767 CA with AA. Furloughed from Braniff,flying corporate, I took a job with People Express which required a dispatch certificate because for four days a month pilots did the dispatching. (stupid idea that I'm glad Al Spain didn't bring to JBLU)The dispatch certificate is easy to obtain as the test is virtually identical to the ATP- a week or two of studying the questions while standing the duty should suffice. Sorry for the long-winded explanation but I wanted you to know what my advice was based on. In short the dispatch job- while important to the airlines safe operation, is a glorified clerk position and is paid as such. You will have a difficult time transitioning from the responsibility that you have in the Corps anyway and I feel that you would quickly be bored and disillusioned in a dispatch job. The FAA job however is very well payed, secure and offers many advancement opportunities. A person with your credentials is sure to do well and the time spent on active duty counts for retirement. While most of my bretheren left during the PATCO strike, I did liason for many years for my airline and found most controllers very satisfied with their career choice and if you want to continue flying there are opportuities there as well. Hope this helps -Semper Fi
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paid not payed -opportunities Oh well ,once a jarhead-Where's the Hornitos?
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Thanks for all the replies.

Going for the ATC job with the FAA is my number one option. They have just lifted a hiring freeze and claim to be hiring huge amounts of people for control jobs over the next ten years. I guess they just now figured out that they need to replace all the guys now getting ready to retire and that it takes more than a few weeks to season a controller. Go figure.

Anyway, you have to be hired before your 31st birthday or you are not eligible for the job. I just turned 29 this past July (Had my birthday in Iraq, fun ). I have heard guys wait anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to get hired. Not because they aren't hiring but because the FAA is a bureaucratic nightmare. So, while the FAA is the number one choice I still want some good fall back choices.

I could always stay in the Corps and buy myself a nice house in Iraq. Bet I could get a great deal! Our airbases over there aren't leaving for a long, long, time.

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