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Old 04-08-2009, 05:02 AM   #1  
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Default UAL MEC Forum back up

For all United types...the Forum is up and running again. Http://
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Default UA MEC forum

What is the catch?

Funny how as soon as the new forum starts at ************* for the united guys the MEC opens up their forum again. Especially after month and months of it being shut down. They are still restricted by the court order.

Me thinks they want to control too much. Kinda limits the free speech a bit.
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Old 04-08-2009, 05:39 PM   #3  
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is it me or can furloughees not post on
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Originally Posted by skippy View Post
is it me or can furloughees not post on
No, we [furloughees] only have read rights on the mec. it is in the ground rules in the "welcome back" post by the sysop. You can post all you want on *************

Good luck..
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Old 04-09-2009, 04:15 AM   #5  
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wow silencing the furloughees talk about lame.

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Old 04-10-2009, 10:12 AM   #6  
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My question, for anyone, is: who started and runs *************? Is it a mgmt front? Pearl (necklace) folks?

That's what I want to know before I "sign up". Don't want to feed corrupt, evil, ual mgmt's fervent desire to show the court via any means that UAL pilots are not complying with that "outstanding" piece of legal brilliance the judge produced (AKA the injunction). If that forum is a mgmt front to record folks venting about work-to-rule "crazy" ideas, or "ilegally" using up SL prior to your second furlough or anything that mgmt and court deem wrong, just so mgmt can parade it in front of the amazing legal mind responsible for the "injunction" (right at a critical juncture of our section 6 negotiations I am sure...) then I don't want to play. Fork them and fork tilty. I can think and do what I want, ****but I don't have to write it down for my ideas/vents to be twisted and used against me and every other UAL pilot*****.

That forum worries me some. The venting going on in the UAL furloughee forum was used in court, and that wasn't a MEC sponsored website. Guys had their computers confiscated and info in emails, etc used against them. It's "1984" out there my friends and big brother is in bed with big bizness not us.

Maybe I am a bit paranoid, but that doesn't mean they're not out to get me...

so, who started and runs that new forum?

As far as LOAs/furloughes not being able to post in our MEC forum please call your rep. I am on mil lv and can't post and would like to, but after getting an explanation of not only the reasoning but the other compromises that occurred just to get the forum back up, I personally am satisfied that for now it's a good idea.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this post should be construed as an endorsement of any actions outside the unbelievably just and fair limits placed on UAL pilots by the injunction, the RLA, the BBB and the Mickey Mouse Club. I fully endorse the idea that we are slaves to mgmt's every whim and our thoughts and actions are not our own. Not only will I not comment on the negative manpower and upgrade impacts of jr/sr manning I will insist you pick up all the open flying humanly possible. I also insist you do not see a doctor of any kind for any reason because he may diagnose you as sick and then what good would you be to uncle tilty? Just fly till you die because then you won't need a life, a family or a retirement. And if 20+ days/month you are on the road living in the lovely super 8 motels UAL generously provides for your 8 hr layover vacation, you won't need a home either, so no reason to pay you much. Nirvana, mgmt and federal court style. Yippeee
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