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The Emirates Advantage… Not just subsidies

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The Emirates Advantage… Not just subsidies

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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
There's a whole lot of pork in the program, but they made the mistake of concentrating the welfare in a few Dem states. Not going to get much support from flyover states.
Better to let the entire inefficient porkbarrel agency die.

And the private banks can make a reasonable argument that it costs them profits.
Oh I agree 100%. I'd prefer to see it die. I haven't seen a tenative vote tally on this, but I suspect almost every D will vote to keep it and there will be enough crony/facist R's to push it over the top. But the margin is so tight and the ME3 issue to hot right now (with over 260 bipartisan house members in support of investigating them) that it appears in order to squeak by getting the entire program renewed will take some meaningful reforms at the most contentious level which is the Bank of Boeing welfare checks to the sheiks. Even ALPA and A4A said they can keep getting the welfare checks, as long as its for narrow body planes only.

Renewal at all is very much in question, but IMO looks like it will barely squeak by. But it also looks like the ME3 welfare checks may be coming to an end. If they try to punish us in any way for that, all that does is unify us against their illegal EU-US push and their existing quantum subsidy issue. If they try to kick our free defense out of their little region, they can eat the next Arab spring all by themselves LOL! Either way we win.
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Default In the meantime in Holland...

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Latest Etihad report, number two. Still doesn't address the subsidies they are receiving. Wonder why they spent 120+ pages denying that they aren't "stealing passengers" from the US carriers, but can't put similar effort into disproving the subsidies they are receiving? Hmmmm........
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So it's not just subsidies.

For those who have any doubt that Qatar, the airline, and Qatar, the government, are one and the same:

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