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Originally Posted by propilot View Post
Do you want to be an AF pilot/Officer or not. It is that simple. If you do, go for it, keeping in mind youíre pushing your endgame career down the road. If you just like the idea but arenít set on the idea, which is what it seems to me considering youíre asking for outside opinions, Stay the course and get on with the regionals as soon as you can. Do you have a plan to get your multi in place? You havenít mentioned what your flight times currently are. I was in a similar situation and chose to keep my Military career as an enlisted and push forward with my civilian career. Retired 24 years Navy enlisted flyer, enjoying life as a Captain for a little Memphis based cargo company. No regrets. FWIW, if you were in a fighter squadron, it would be a no brainer. But you arenít. Just my .02.
Thanks, everyone for the really great input, I know that either route I take won't be the wrong choice just a different choice. I have always wanted to be a military pilot I just didn't have the right mentorship in my younger years to steer me in the right direction but I have learned a lot in my career as an FE and finally finishing my degree which was the biggest hurdle keeping me from applying for a commission. As for time I'm around mid 300's and will be getting a multi-engine add on this summer on GI bill dime. I think I will apply for the board since I have nothing to lose, if I get selected than I put off the airlines for a few years and if not I'll be ready for the regionals by next year. My FE time will drop my ATP mins to 1000, thought I should mention that too.
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