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Vexcel Imaging?

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Default Vexcel Imaging?

Anyone know anything about flying for Vexcel?

Can't find much online about their pilots/pay/schedule, etc

Thanks in advance
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They just merged with Geomni/Verisk
great company to fly for.
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The company seems to selling its Tecnams and pursuing pressurized turbines for higher altitude flights.
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I believe they are not hiring at the moment, but will be soon after settling down the merger. Good candidates would be those who care about the quality and efficiency of their flying; proactive on keeping aircraft and other equipment clean and organized. Guys who only care about their flight time generally perform poorly and find the way to the door themselves. Very good company to fly for in general.
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Vexcel bought Geomni and Keystone Aerial Surveys from Verisk so all of the flight operations fall under the Keystone name.

As for hiring mins, I believe our mins are still the same. Comm ASEL/AMEL with Instrument with 250TT Min. I believe we are still on a hiring freeze for probably the next 30-60 days. HR is still working on all of our benefits and compensation for Keystone. If you were on the conference call with HR about our new payroll reporting and what are considered working hours, then you probably know what a disaster that was.

Geomni was a much better company (so far). They really took care of the employees in a sense of benefits they offered through Verisk. We are basically Keystone Aerial now which had a reputation that was just okay and I really hope they do the right thing and treat their pilots well in the long run. As for now, itís a little too early to tell what things are going to look like. Itís basically the same management as Geomni so operationally, it may be the same however, I really hope they up the pay for the OG Keystone pilots. $30K-$35k/year is a joke. Unfortunately, theyíll be able to keep hiring pilots at low wages because newer pilots donít know any better but I do hope that they adopt Geomniís pay or even better.

As far as safety is concerned, I would say everything is top notch and exactly how it should be. No one asks you to fly a broken plane (at least in my hub). If a plane is broken or even slightly not airworthy, you can count on it being fixed. I have heard that there are pilots that are willing to fly a broken plane because they want the hours but those scabs no who they are and that attitude will bite them in the ass in the future.

As much as I am here to build time, I am also here to put in quality work to make my peers and management happy. I wish upper management would let our CP have more control over how pilots are managed because it would be much more efficient and easier for our personal lives. I know not many of our pilots have families to support and their spouses may or may not work, but for the ones that do, itís a bit challenging to live our personal lives because sometimes, we have to pack our bags and leave for a few weeks. But when we are not on a deployment, we have to sit in an office and do bush league busy work and then burn PTO to take care of family matters. We have field awarded PTO which is great to have time off, but when it comes to planning your family matters, (setting up appts, etc.)itís basically worthless because you have to use that allotment right away and you may not be able to take care of those things within that given time. Now my hub ACP is luckily somewhat lenient on that but still, planning your life around this particular job is at times stressful and it is actually very easy to fix. Home basing pilots for this company would be great for this job so they donít have to report to an office for weeks at a time until their next deployment.

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I've seen the ad posted on the site and I meet a mix of the minimum and preferred requirements. Living just 30-45 minutes from Philly is great and I think the job would be a fantastic opportunity. Is there someone I should reach out to directly? With the restructuring, I wonder if HR is getting shuffled around too.
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