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Ulcerative Colitis

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Default Ulcerative Colitis

I am looking for people who are active 121 airline pilots with either Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's to discuss the management of the disease as an airline pilot. I was just recently diagnosed and in a full flair up at this time. Also, looking for comments on the special medical waiver process unique to these diseases.

Basically, any input on this new lifestyle I will be living will be appreciated from those who currently are living it.

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You may need to go to a special flight surgeon who knows about UC to get your medical through OKC. It took some time for them to approve it but once they did all I had to do was get a letter from my Dr. that I was good to fly every year for awhile. Now it's just Previously reported, No changes on the medical form. If you already have your medical a letter from your UC Dr. should be good enough to get your medical. I have had UC most of my life and am flying for a 121 airline. Once it is under control life gets better. It sucks but life goes on. If you have any more questions PM me (when you get enough posts).
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I have been dealing with UC for several years, PM when you can. Just know your not alone. I know three other pilots and a few FA's that have it too.
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Please go to Natural Health Information Articles and Health Newsletter by Dr. Joseph Mercola. I practice holistic health and this is the absolute best information out there on how to control your problem.
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I am a flight instructor and was diagnosed with Crohn's a year ago November. I was out of work untill this past September. I was told that this past year they were totally overwhelmed and running way behind schedule. Your results may vary. Life Style wise, everyone is different and the Doctors know nothing about our diseases. They have a bunch of drugs that may work or may not, you'll find out which one you are! Read the clinical results about the individual drugs. They have low sucess rates in my opinion. Once you come to terms with being uncomfortable once in a while and give up certian foods life goes on. For your medical you only need to submit a status letter to Oaklahoma City but it must contain these elements:
When the disease occured, when a firm diagnosis was reached, how it was managed, weather or not there has been surgery, the medications and dosages, prognosis.
Go to the FAA web site and find the number for CAMI, (Civil Aerospace Medical Institute) call them every week. Fax them a letter citing your hardship as a professional pilot expressing that the time spent waiting is harming you financialy. It takes a while and may or may not work but doing nothing will only drive you more crazy. The point is that at the end of the day you too will have your first class back (like I do.)

Good luck buddy.
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Hey guys, I am really into aviation and was thinking about becoming a pilot, but before I apply I would like to know if there is a medical reason why I could not. 9 years ago I had UC, it went so bad that I had to cut out the whole colon, after that I have been perfectly healthy (living without a colon is actually no problem). Since the colon is gone, the UC is therefore 100% cured. Would I be medically cleared to become an airline pilot?
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I would think so with a process called a, "Special Issuance". Go to the AOPAs website and look for the medical section. They have a good generic section about disqualifiying conditions and the path to take to get certified. You may also want to look for a special doctor called an Aviation Medical Examiner. Ask for a counsulation not a medical exam. They can tell you what you have ahead of you.
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Have any of you ever taken Accutane?
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I'm wonding how things worked out for you, John. I was diagnosed with UC three years ago. I made it through the special issuance ok and and the renewel process went fairly smooth this year. since I was diagnosed I have earned an instrument, commercial ,and just recently and Multi-engine commercial instrument. I'm working towards a CFI certificate now. Just wondering if anyone knows what my chances are of being hired by an airline with this type of condition. I know it would certainly be a challenge for me, but I know I can do it if given the opportunity.
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first go at a si will take 2 to 3 months. Each initial case is likely reviewed by outside consultant(s). After that u r good to go unless your flares require medications that r not approved, are extensive enough to ground you, req hospitilization etc. Employer responses and hiring beyond my expertise but having a valid certificate is most of the battle.
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