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Am I seeing things?

Old 11-18-2008, 08:57 AM
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Default Am I seeing things?

Is it just me or did i see a couple navajos coming out of Ramp#1 in ATL the other day? Thought they were parked at a T gate. Anybody have any thoughts?
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Its the new Air France flight from Paris. Those twins save a ton of gas compared to the 74's.
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its Wings Air, they have flights from ATH-ATL-MCN
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Wings Air out of KLZU.....panther conversion Nava's doing local EAS routes I were hiring "FO's" and when I inquired about it I quickly learned it was an upaid position...

Georgia Skies(Pacific Wings) also doing EAS from ATL to AHN and MCN on the Caravan's....
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Yeah definitely saw one of those sitting at gate T10 while I was waiting for the crew bus to pick me up, tail number was N41142.
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MU-2 cargo's fly out early morning in ATL as well
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Comair is bringing back navajos like in the early days of Comair
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speaking of seeing things..I was at PIT this morning and saw an EMB 170 in midwest colors. I heard about them doing the flying but is that a republic plane already painted up and operational? Was that one of the old frontier scheme planes? I may be behind the curve, havent been to PIT in a while.
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Saw a blue -170 in ATL yesterday, too.
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the midwest birds are up and flying...was going to work in MCI when a midwest crew saw one of the republic 170's at the overnight with them for the first time....they didn't seem to impressed.
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