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Post crash survival

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Default Post crash survival

All -

I had a chance recently to attend the FAA's class on Global Survival and Flight Physiology. The survival classes included training in Hot Weather, Cold Weather, Tropical, and my favorite - Water Survival.

It is a good course overall and I would recommend it to any General Aviation pilot. There were a couple of labs like Fire Starting, Signalling (which we didn't get to do because of the current burn ban), and the "graduation exercise" of a few hours out in the field putting everything together. During Water Survival they offer you the opportunity to experience the SWET chair (Shallow Water Egress Trainer). Think of the old Dilbert Dunker from 'Officer and a gentlemen' except it turns sideways instead of crashing into the water from the front.

One of the best experiences was the Smoke Simulator. A converted C-124 cabin retrofit like a modern airline cabin used for different cabin safety testing (exits, lights, stairs, etc...). The finale of that demo is exiting the airplane after it has filled with very dense smoke. It is amazing to think that the A380 can evacuate in a total of 90 seconds, but it took 12 of us 120 seconds to evacuate our airplane

I wanted to share this VERY funny video with you. It is a 23+00 video title 'Survival Medicine' (once the link comes up - look at the 4th video down). i think that if you take the time to watch all (or part) of the video that you'll quite the laugh out of the different scenarios presented and the 'acting'. just tell me that you don't see different opportunites to "lighten the load" from the very beginning

Airmen Education Programs

If anyone else has had any experience with this training or other FAA classes, please share your experience too.

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