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Originally Posted by MD10PLT View Post
The IPA law suit is a nice gesture but doesn't stand a chance at changing anything. First look back through history, it takes on average 10 years for a law to make its way through the system and be changed by a court (unless it is politically charged). Even if they prevail we will not see any changes for at least 10-15 years. Look at the Exxon Valdez case, it was settled in 2006, 17 years after the event. Do you think UPS and the FAA can stonewall as well as Exxon. Second, they really have no chance of winning. All the FAA needs to do is point out there are multiple sets of rules companies fly under. This is just one more set, of many.
Correct, this just amounts to wasting the dues of the membership.

The positive side of this is that UPS/FEDEX both have excellent rest rules already in place that in most cases exceed FAA requirements.
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Originally Posted by UPSFO4LIFE View Post
hate to say it, but we lost this in the OMB, which is controlled by the White House. The lobbyists ware able to get the change during the budgeting process. The OMB's purview is to cost out rules/laws, not change them. This whole thing is totally corrupt, regardless of party. Follow the money....

What he said!!!!! Hate to tell ya, UPS has spent the past few months lobbying the WH and the OMB, not congress. The IPA has also been very active in visits to the WH. The WH had FINAL say in what and who was included in the new rest rules. While I think they are all scumbags, the final say came from 1600 Pennsyvania Ave. Nothing else to really "explain"!

Also here is clip from our Union Leader!!!

The FAA yielded to "unprecedented industry pressure" in exempting cargo airlines from the rules, Robert Travis, president of the Independent Pilots Association, said in a statement. The union represents pilots at United Parcel Service Inc.

"Today, the executive branch has decided that the price of aviation safety, in the form of new pilot rest rules, is too high," Travis said.
mmm, okay, that settles it then.
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Originally Posted by viperdriver View Post
1 The projected cost for all-cargo operations is $306 million ($214 million present value at 7% and $252
million at 3%). The projected benefit of avoiding one fatal all-cargo accident ranges between $20.35
million and $32.55 million, depending on the number of crewmembers on board the aircraft.

Found this nugget on page 13
Now I'm confused. Since when did the gov'mnt give a cr@p about how much money was spent??
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