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Old 11-10-2007, 02:24 PM   #11  
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I guess I'm a crammer. Short term memory is an amazing thing. I don't stay up all night but I do try to study as much as I can, just before the ride, on the complicated things had the toughest time with.

Something like light gun signals. I couldn't remember that one for more than a day, but if I read through it just before the ride, I could probably spit it out to the examiner.

I'd highly recommend the Oral exam guides by ASA. Also, as somebody mentioned, getting a breifing on things the examiner likes to do could be a big help. Lot's of good advice at the threads above.
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Old 11-10-2007, 03:06 PM   #12  
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Originally Posted by NE_Pilot View Post
If you do not know the answer, don't try and make something up, just let them know you are unsure but you know where you can find it (make sure you know were to find it obviously), and then find the answer.
This is one of the biggest things I heard my DE griping about. He told me more than once (outside of checkrides) that some people don't realize that "I don't know" is a perfectly acceptable answer on the oral portion of a checkride. You don't have to know every little tiny detail, but for the stuff you don't know, simply say so...but know where to find the information quickly (ie don't search for it, know exactly where to find it).
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Old 11-10-2007, 06:39 PM   #13  
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better to admit that you dont know something than to try and bullshiat your way through a question. Also NE makes a good point. answer the question ....period. DONOT not add stuff in trying to look good. Because eventually you will get in a tough spot and the examiner will start digging.... you dont need him digging!!!
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Old 11-12-2007, 07:21 AM   #14  
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Be sure to read the common errors in the PTS!!! Those are the things your DPE will look for first! Good luck!
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Old 11-12-2007, 08:20 AM   #15  
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read the pts...thats the key, they won't ask anything outside of that.

seconds, ask the instructors about the check pilot, usually each ckeck pilot has a section or two that they spend more time on or certain "trick" questions that you've probably only seen once during training.

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Old 11-12-2007, 12:30 PM   #16  
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My oral was pretty much taken of of the the subjects in that and you should be far as the flying portion, you should have had already plenty of time with yr instructor to prepare......its not going to be perfect but just do your best and show your a safe pilot....Good luck Tony!
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Old 11-14-2007, 01:59 PM   #17  
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Originally Posted by LAfrequentflyer View Post
Best thing you can do begins before your start your training....Avoid the local FBO CFIs. They are only interested in taking your money and adding another 0.1 hrs to their logbook.

Wow, WORST advice Ive heard here yet. I got my private AND instrument at a local FBO and had a few different instructors there (so it wasnt just ONE) and my experience with the CFI's was excellent. In fact, I would say I had a better time with those instructors than my current Part 141 school. The equipment is a different story...

If you are completely lost on a "What would you do..." type question (which they love asking) and you have no idea, go with the most conservative legal answer you know of. For instance, if you forgot the minimum fuel for day or night VFR, ask yourself what would YOU do. Would you really only allow yourself 30 minutes of fuel for a long cross country? Go with an hour even and it shows them safety is your main concern. Also like if they say the weather is getting at and below VFR mins, best thing to do is call some approach or center for radar help. Better with the extra help than trying to do it on your own. Always be conservative with your answers if possible (especially for the private).

As for the actual checkride...if at all possible, try going flying right before your checkride. Get even .5 in. Do some touch and goes, even fly to a check point so you know where they are. You will deffinately notice a difference!
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Old 11-14-2007, 02:53 PM   #18  
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Study the PTS, anything in there is fair game. The ASA oral guides are good. The examiner will probably ask you something you won't know...just admit it, but possibly add you know where to look it up.
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Old 12-20-2007, 09:35 PM   #19  
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Hey Longbow64, I am assuming that you are flying at Wings Over Texas, great place. Most of the instructors are retired or already have flying jobs and seem to really enjoy teaching.

Have you taken your checkride yet? If not, who are you taking your checkride with? I have been flying in Central TX since ’89 and know both the examiners at CTC. Did two checkrides with one and took a class with the other one.

Are you a Longbow pilot or crewchief? If you are a pilot, I would say the checkride is easier than your military rides. I wasn’t an Army pilot, my eyes weren’t good enough in the 80’s when they cared, but I learned to fly at a military flying club and have several friends that are Army pilots including my father-in-law. He is a UH-60 guy.

What I have seen from the instructors at WOT, you should be well prepared.
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Old 12-22-2007, 09:55 AM   #20  
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Some of the fellas in my class have been writing answers, notes, etc... in their PTS. I haven't done it yet, but do any of you guys know if that is ok with an examiner to do? If it is legit I would recommend doing that... My examiner for my Private Pilot was real big on maintenance records, such as ADs-how many different types are there, where can you get a list of them, the different inspections the plane has to have, etc.. Also, before I go into any checkride I try to find a question that no one really knows the answer to, research the question, find an answer and then ask the examiner... Usually they know the answer but either way it shows them that you are going above and beyond and that you are willing to learn from them.
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