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A couple questions...

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Default A couple questions...

Hey all, I have been trying to find some clear answers to the following questions but I keep getting different/confusing answers... I even talked to my DP and either he didn't understand my questions entirely or I didn't understand his answers... so I figured I'd give it a shot here:

1. If I have a multi-engine commercial with a complex endorsement, does my single-engine commercial check-ride have to be in a complex aircraft?

2. If I just have a multi-commercial rating, and if I do my initial CFI in the multi... will the check-ride be just for my MEI to teach multi add-ons for private and commercial students, or will it be an entire CFI/MEI rating that would allow me to teach zero hour private students in the multi as well?

3. If I go the route of getting my cfi/mei in a multi-engine aircraft before getting my single-engine commercial, does that mean that I would have to take separate check-rides to teach in a single-engine after I get my single-engine commercial?

Thank in advance for any help/advice you can give me. I've been trying to find clear answers to these questions for a little while now and I've been coming up short.
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1. No, but it is easier to do in a complex single. (personally I think for lazy 8's)

2. You can teach zero hour Multi students. But good luck finding them. Usually it starts off as single commercial then CFI/CFII. This way you can build time teaching students. Then as you are building time, you can do your ME and MEI add on. By the time they are done with their commercial single, then you should have all your qualifications to teach them.

If you are going to do this route, do your instrument add-on with your Multi CFI. Also, this check ride usually has to be done with the FSDO.

3. see above
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I know it's a little unorthodox the way I did my flight training... I did all of my training in a multi after my initial private. I'm sitting just south of 300TT with somewhere around 160ME time... The school I would work at offers a zero to 250 hours all multi time private through commercial course and while students aren't flooding through the door, the opportunity is there and they are working on a couple of foreign student pipelines to augment the local students they have. And I would be one of only 2 multi instructors there so it could work out nicely...
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