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Primary time?

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Default Primary time?

For the military types out there, I'm looking at my Air Force flight records print out (specifically at the total flight time area). Does my "Primary" time count as PIC time, as far as the commercial world is concerned?
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Default Primary v. PIC

Unfortunately, it depends. This is a rather involved question without knowing the types of equipment you've flown.

In general, look at your AF printout and it breaks down each aircraft and crew position you've flown. During UPT, the only PIC time was solo time. You can't find that in the printouts, you just have to have a record of it. After UPT and mission qualified, then you can see the breakout of time.

If you are a single seat type, it's all PIC. If not, then your are an MC (Mission qualified Co-pilot) first. This can only be SIC time. Once you are an MP (Mission qualified pilot or Aircraft Commander) you can count the PIC time. If you are an IP, then it should all be PIC. But here's the rub on a lot of apps, they want a separate total for Instructor and PIC. Just look at your military totals -- MP is PIC, IP is IP. TOTAL PIC is MP +IP.

I had three different interviews and job offers in 1998-1999. My explanations were SAT with all the interviewers. I simply said I was the PIC whenever solo, as an Aircraft Commander, and as an IP (i.e., I signed for the jet). The totals I used were straight from the military printouts to avoid any ambiguity. If you show up with all your military records, you should not have any issues. The civilian-only guys seem to be scrutinized more because their flight time is documented differently and come from so many sources..

It should all be on the printout. The only problem is when you fly with an IP if you are an MP (the military still shows you as MP, but you didn't sign for the jet). It gets pretty invloved in this area. Best bet is to talk extensively with guys/gals who have moved to the airlines from your background and see what they did.

I think we all wish we had kept a "civilian logbook" over the years and kept those hours in an MS Excel spreadsheet to keep the totals straight. The safest approach is to use your military totals and give the explanation I provided above. KISS. Otherwise, you can talk yourself into a hole that's difficult to get out of at the interview.

Hope this helps. Just my experience -- it worked well.

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Default Try Other Posting Locations

Also try posting your question to MAJOR and CARGO sections on this site. Just explain your intentions of going civilian, etc.

Another (BIGGER) board from a volume standpoint is -- just head to the message boards and sign up the same way you did here.

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