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Introduce yourself

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I am a Navy instructor retiring shortly.
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I am a military pilot retiring soon.
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Hi new here and think this new process of authenticating users is silly. But whatever. I'm a pilot.
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Left seat of CRJ200. Don't be jealous.
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Fresh out of the military. Just hired by a regional.
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Default Introduce yourself

Hi, I am working toward my ppl at a local fbo style flight school. I'm a senior in high school and am planning upon going to UND. After that my plans are to go into the military or find some civilian job to gain hours toward ATP mins. I joined to learn about flying for a living, which I have learned since I've been here, I can be somewhat clueless about. From what ive read so far there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom here.
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Separating from the military later this year.
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Retired businessman, working on my PPL. Love aviation in all aspects, now finally have the time to pursue a long-held dream.
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Comair guy here booted out on the street!
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Hi, I'm a CRJ-700 captain. Having been at the regional level for over a decade, I'm looking forward to moving on whenever the opportunity presents itself. I appreciate learning industry developments from other pilots on APC forums.
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