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Military pilot for about 12 years. I am curious about commercial aviation and here to gain more information regarding career opportunities.
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Hi , i am first officer B777 from Thailand. 4000 hrs experience. enjoy sports and journey. Love to fly
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Default ACASS - Pilot


ACASS Pilot here looking for life outside of contracting. Currently on a Year Long Contract in the Far East.
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Hi -
Have been an aviator for 39 years, Was a captain for a national airline for 21 years. Am currently a captain for a supplemental carrier flying cargo.
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Current airline employee and flight school student.
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Hello, and greetings to all. I've been reading APC for many years, and it has been a valuable tool in my quest to enhance my aviation career. I currently fly the CRJ-700, as an FO for American Eagle Airlines, which I was hired at in 2010, started training in Jan 2011. Prior to that, I was in the USMC, flight instructed, flew 135 air charter / air taxi for SATSair. and flew corporate. I have over 4000 hrs TT, over 1800 multi, and over 1700 turbine part 121 time. So far, I love my job. Thanks.
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Hello all,

I am a C206 mapping pilot for a company in the Midwest. I am also working with an air ambulance company flying Cheyennes and C340s. I am joining this forum to gain insight in my career and hopefully help others do the same.
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College student working on my PPL. I want to work in airline operations after college while getting my certifications as a weekend warrior.
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Working dispatch at a large flight school to help defray the costs of flying.
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I live in the uk taking flying lessons
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