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Originally Posted by ncflyer1027 View Post

1.) I have 3 check ride failures plus one stage check failure, I don't want to keep on taking these for the rest of my life.
2.) I do not want to be a flight instructor to get hours.
3.) Moving to base does not sound appealing and commuting to work seems like it makes QOL terrible.
4.) I want to get married and start a family someday and I don't want to be gone from home all the time.
5.) I don't enjoy flying, I'm not sure if I ever did, I just kinda did it since my parents bought me flight lessons back in high school. I have always dread going to the airport and stressed about whether or not I will perform well that day and make my instructor satisfied.
6.) Continuing taking flying lessons will keep me in college longer and thus taking out more student loans.
I always find this one to be a little interesting. Airlines, especially the ones that people want to work for, hire future captains-as in SICs they think can perform as PICs in the future, which means someone that can teach and mentor an SIC to be the PIC. Working in a crew environment, you need and use a lot of the skills that you being a CFI builds. So when someone says they don't want to be a CFI, don't want to have to deal with students, be patient, and so on, it doesn't bode well for a crew environment pilot job IMO. That doesn't mean everyone needs 5000 hours of instructing, it doesn't even mean everyone *needs* to be an instructor, just that sometimes the comments about why people don't want to be instructors are sometimes puzzling to me, because they seem to be contrary to the ultimate goal.
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Thanks JnB
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You might want to take a deep look at yourself before you pick a career path in the career is easy, and has shortcuts to avoid the unpleasant parts. Part of your dis-satisfaction is having spent 6 years training with only a private license....did you apply yourself as hard as you could have? Did you prioritize your training?

Itís good youíre thinking this way now, but being honest with yourself regarding your performance and reasons behind it will serve you well in the future.
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