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too skinny?

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Originally Posted by Hacker15e
The good news is that, given how in love with running the AF is these days, you're certain to be a "2 below" kind of guy, regardless of your actual abilities!

Awesome reply
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Originally Posted by jwlast
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yeah, i have to agree. he shacked that one.
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Went through Fighter Lead in training in the late 80's at Holloman AFB. Was part of a test program to evaluate the effects of weight training on G tolerance.

I was 6'5", 185 lbs at the start of the program, heart rate of 49 bpm, BP 100/60. Not ideal for G-tolerance.

Lifted for the 2 months I was there, ate 4000 calories a day, no distance running allowed, all under doctor supervision.

Did the centrifuge once a week, to mark progress.

At the end, weight was 213 lbs, and G tolerance increased 3-4G's.

With the right weight training (Olympic style lifts, heavy leg training), and focus on HIIT or Crossfit style workouts will significantly increase your G-tolerance.

Distance running is not ideal, shift to sprints, or Tabata interval training. Your conditioning will actually improve, both aerobic and anaerobic while increasing G tolerance.
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