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Old 05-02-2007, 02:59 PM   #1  
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Default Per Diem

From AWAC website:

Per Diem - $1.50 per hour from time of check in at domicile until check out

Does this mean that you get per diem even if you are on reserve or do you not check in on reserve and only have to check in if you are called. Do you get per diem even if you're not gone overnight. Sorry, just trying to learn the ins and outs of how it all works. thanks
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Per diem is paid from the time you depart your domicile on a trip to the time you return. I believe its from the time the door closes to the time it opens at the end of the trip. So if you are on a 4 day trip, should be two full(24hr each) days and some partial days for the start and finish days.
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Per Diem starts when you check in for a trip and ends at the completion of a trip.

For example I am on a 3 day trip which checked in at 5:15am on 1 May(The first leg of the trip pushed back at 6:00am). It is scheduled to finish at 11:30am(15 min after arrival of the last leg) on 3 May, for a total TAFB (Time Away From Base) of 54:15.

By the way, this trip pays 15:45, and has a duty time of 32:00.
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Although I don't fly for AWAC, i'd imagine that you will only make per diem if actually on a trip. You won't get per diem for sitting at home or at your crash pad.

The way I read the statement you provided is that you will be paid from the time you are required to check-in for a trip at the crew room, to the time you are released at the end of the trip. At my airline this would be from one hour before departure of the first leg, to 15 minutes after the completion of the last leg.
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Also every airline that I'm aware of pays per diem for ready reserve, so if you are called in to sit at the airport, you should get per diem for that time period.
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Old 05-02-2007, 05:30 PM   #6  
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MESA discontinuing per Diem at request of Chinese Government.

Chinese Government says that MESA Per Diem is greater than the Chinese pay their Child Labor to make "Pirated/copycat/immitation goods" that are sold to the USA.

(Not really but they might as well)
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