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AE AA JB Deal to increase flying

Old 03-31-2010, 03:13 PM
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Default AE AA JB Deal to increase flying


•Announcing Partnership with JetBlue Airways for Key East Coast Gateways and More Connections to International Flights
•Expanding Marketing Efforts to NYC Travelers, Including a Partnership with NYC & Company
•Offering 31 New Flights on 13 New Routes Combined from LaGuardia and JFK by End of Year
•Adding Seven New Destinations Served by 23 New Flights Announced Today
•Introducing, Enhancing Service with American Eagle Bombardier Two-Class Regional Jets
•Investing More Than $30 Million in LaGuardia and JFK Terminal Improvements
•Exploring British Airways and American Co-Location at JFK Terminal 8 for Easier Passenger Connections to oneworld Partners
•Designating New Officer Dedicated to New York Market

American Airlines is bolstering its service for customers in New York City by announcing today plans to add seven new destinations served by 23 additional flights to and from the city's two airports, enhancing the travel experience with upgraded aircraft, and providing customers with improved terminal facilities.

American also designated a new officer position that will have responsibility for airport operations and broad oversight of all the company's activities in the New York market. In addition, American announced an agreement with JetBlue Airways that will offer JetBlue customers simple connections to American's international flights and new convenient domestic flight options on JetBlue for American's customers in and out of New York and Boston.

American believes the network initiatives announced today will build passenger demand for its international network to Europe, Asia and South America, including its joint business with British Airways and Iberia between North America and Europe, which is expected to be approved by regulators and implemented later this year. When it is able to consult with British Airways and Iberia following regulatory approval, American expects to announce new international destinations to be added in 2011 at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The enhancements build on American's "cornerstone" network strategy announced in September 2009. The strategy bolsters American's network in the New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles markets. These markets represent top U.S. commerce centers and are significant international gateways, which provide the best connections to American's global network and the networks of its partner airlines in the oneworld® Alliance.

Separately, American announced an expansion of marketing efforts with NYC & Company, the city's official marketing, tourism and partnership organization, to ensure that its valued customers in New York are aware of the latest improvements and future initiatives. American will work more closely with the city to attract additional visitors to New York City, an important shared goal for American and NYC & Company.

"Our announcements today demonstrate our strong commitment to New York, and we look forward to expanding that commitment in the months and years to come," said Gerard Arpey, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines. "We have a long history in New York, and we're going to grow those roots with new routes, new partnerships, even deeper local relationships, and the kind of service that New Yorkers expect and that will attract more visitors and commerce to the city."

Arpey noted that American's expanded commitment to the New York market extends beyond its schedule, operations and facilities -- to its people as well. The company has more than 11,000 employees and retirees who call New York home, and, as part of today's announcement, American said it has named Art Torno as Vice President -- New York, a position that will be responsible for airport operations and broad oversight of all of the company's activities in the New York market. Torno has been at American for more than 30 years, during which he served in numerous management roles with increasing responsibility.

"In Art Torno, the New York market is getting a talented and committed professional who will be devoted to the needs of the local market," Arpey said. "We are confident his presence will deepen our relationship with this great city and its customers."

JetBlue Agreement

American Airlines and JetBlue Airways today announced an agreement for commercial collaboration in New York and Boston that benefits customers of both airlines. The agreement will provide customers with interline service in non-overlapping markets, which will offer them more choices and convenient connections. The companies are also exploring other commercial cooperation.

The partnership will focus on routes into and out of JFK and Boston Logan International Airport that extend and complement each others' networks. For example, it would provide seamless service for customers who wish to fly nonstop from Nantucket to JFK on JetBlue and from there to London on American. Likewise, customers can board American from Paris to JFK and connect to a nonstop flight on JetBlue to Burlington, Vt. JetBlue customers will be able to effortlessly connect on flights to 12 of American's international destinations from JFK and Boston including Barcelona, Spain; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Tokyo, Japan.

On domestic routes where the carriers don't currently compete, American customers can book convenient, nonstop JetBlue flights from JFK and Boston to 18 domestic markets, including Portland, Maine; Nantucket, Mass.; and Burlington, Vt.

Under terms of the agreement, American intends to transfer eight slot pairs at Ronald Reagan National Airport and one slot pair at White Plains, N.Y. to JetBlue, and JetBlue intends to transfer 12 slot pairs at JFK to American.

Customers of both airlines are expected to benefit from improved connections, while each airline will see additional customers fed into their networks. None of the routes on which the airlines will cooperate overlap current flights served by the other. The agreement will provide connections for more passengers at JFK and Boston to American's international destinations in Europe, Asia, and South America. It also will generate more traffic and support for American's planned joint business with oneworld partners British Airways and Iberia between North America and Europe, and with Japan Airlines between North America and Asia.

"This new agreement with JetBlue complements our domestic and international network and will bolster our partnerships with other oneworld members. It will provide important opportunities to grow international traffic flowing into and out of the United States for American," Arpey said. "That ultimately strengthens our operations, network, and customer feed at JFK and at Boston Logan. And, while we bolster American's own network, in turn we will help solidify oneworld as the premier global alliance with the finest airline brands and networks worldwide."

Certain portions of the cooperative agreement may be subject to regulatory review.

New Routes with American and American Eagle

Starting in summer 2010, American and American Eagle will expand the routes and service they offer customers from New York. Including previously announced additions, by year end at LaGuardia and JFK combined, American and American Eagle will add 31 total flights to and from 13 additional routes, bringing total NYC departures to 216 and unique destinations to 63. Today's announcement includes seven new destinations served on 23 new roundtrip flights. When combined with new options for travel on JetBlue, American's New York customers will have access to 81 unique destinations on 271 nonstop flights by the end of 2010. In addition, American serves four destinations with 18 daily departures out of Newark (N.J.) Liberty International Airport.


New American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 airplanes, outfitted with First Class as well as new Coach Class seats, will fly new routes from LaGuardia to Minneapolis-St. Paul four times daily, to Atlanta seven times daily, and five times daily to Charlotte, N.C. The CRJ-700s will also be used to fly existing routes from LaGuardia to Toronto and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., giving passengers in those markets access to First Class service.

American will also increase mainline daily flights to and from Miami and Chicago from LaGuardia. In sum, the new flights expand American's domestic network and give the airline's most important customers direct access to the top business markets as well as giving leisure travelers new, competitive options. The initiative also increases the number of seats available in busy existing markets.


As previously announced, American begins service in April and May to San Jose, Costa Rica; Madrid, Spain; and Manchester, England. Previously announced non-stop service to Austin, Texas, will begin in July.

American also announced it will add twice-daily, nonstop service to and from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in November and increase daily frequencies to Orlando, Fla.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Miami effective in November.

American Eagle previously announced daily round-trip service on regional jets to and from Columbus, Ohio, and St. Louis. American Eagle today announced twice-daily service to and from both Indianapolis, Ind., and Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition, American Eagle will begin one flight daily to and from Norfolk, Va. Those new flights will use Embraer regional jets and are slated to begin by year end. They will be assigned times so that customers can make easy connections to American's international flights. The airline will also assign the two-class CRJ-700s to upgrade existing routes from JFK, offering First Class service to Washington Reagan, Boston, and Toronto starting in early 2011.

All of the schedule changes for this year are reflected in the Company's existing seating capacity guidance for 2010.

LGA and JFK Facilities Improvements and Potential Co-Location of oneworld Partner British Airways in JFK's Terminal 8

American plans several improvements to its facilities at LaGuardia in addition to the Concourse D checkpoint expansion it completed in 2008 and the current installation of escalators to the baggage claim area. American has recently selected an architectural firm to undertake an extensive refurbishment of its LaGuardia Admirals Club location, which will include an upgrade of all of the club furnishings and finishes, as well as renovation of the restrooms and expansion of the seating areas. The interior of Concourse D will be renovated over a two-year period with all new ceilings, lighting, terrazzo flooring, wall panels and flight information displays. Once completed, these renovations will give the concourse a fresher, more open, and brighter feel.

After the Concourse D renovations are completed, American anticipates undertaking similar renovations in its Concourse C gate areas. American estimates the total cost of these LaGuardia improvements to be approximately $30 million.

American is currently looking at various options to connect the two concourses on the secure side of the terminal to allow its passengers flying out of Concourse C to easily access the Concourse D Admirals Club location.

At JFK, American has put out to bid a 3,000 square foot expansion of its existing 11,000 square foot Concourse C Admirals Club, along with some reconfiguration and refurbishment of the club, which was opened in 2005.

American Airlines and British Airways are currently evaluating a proposal by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to develop an expansion of the new state-of-the-art $1.3 billion international Terminal 8 to allow the airlines to co-locate their operations. Terminal 8 was designed by American expressly to meet the needs of modern customers traveling internationally, and the potential expansion and joint operation of the facility by American and British Airways would allow quick and easy customer connections from airline to airline. If agreeable financial terms can be reached with the Port, the potential co-location would benefit not only the airlines and their customers but the Port itself, which has been exploring various ways to expand JFK gate capacity.

Expanded Marketing and Advertising Plans, Partnership with NYC & Company

To ensure that American's customers are aware of its New York-market enhancements, the company plans a more comprehensive marketing and advertising effort in the region. In addition to advertising that is already planned, American has signed a partnership agreement with NYC & Company.
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Old 03-31-2010, 03:14 PM
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should of bid the damn crj.
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Old 03-31-2010, 03:18 PM
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You find this good??? WE BOTH are being outsourced.. It doesn't mater what you bid.

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Old 03-31-2010, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by AAflyer View Post
You find this good??? WE BOTH are being outsourced.. It doesn't mater what you bid.

The only reason I say I should of bid the CRJ is because I'm about to head off to EMB long term training in a couple weeks. It looks like the CRJ will slowly replace the EMB in the northeast. So possibly depending on how this pans out I might find myself going through long term on the CRJ.

I don't care about the airplane I'm on. However, going back to the EMB in KLGA I was going to be doing relatively okay seniority wise. I don't know how this will shake things up.

I like things simple, I feel that this is going to complicate matters.
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we are both getting hosed and this I fear is only the beginning. I have said for years the ae's fortunes are tied to AA scope and few believed it. Unfortunately, I doubt that even with an agreement to keep 76+ seat flying inhouse is probably a pipedream because amr does NOT have the $$$ to retool AA and AE. Saw the codeshare horse leaving the barn in the last TA.
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isn't jetblue already taken most of the caribbean flying? so what's next? reduce more aa flying to only profitable international flights.
is this a way to increase the bottom line to pay for that billion dollar terminal 8 in JFK? ignore my post, i don't know what im saying, it's boring here yhz!

so... that tim martins guy!
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The writing has been on the wall for years. APA insisted that AA pilots had to fly anything in the 170-190 range. Now, instead of having say, one list, no scope, and a red and blue chicken on the 170's with an AA hire pic, we will watch JB 190's funnel in AA international passengers. I would have rather sat RJ right seat for 7 MORE years if I knew eventually I'd fly an AA airframe. APA and Alpa need to quit dreaming and get real, AMR is disappearing before our very eyes. Let's all get together and do something already.
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Originally Posted by mwa1 View Post
we are both getting hosed and this I fear is only the beginning. I have said for years the ae's fortunes are tied to AA scope and few believed it. .... Saw the codeshare horse leaving the barn in the last TA.
Isn't it interesting that the APA scope presentation to the NMB spent 10 pages complaining about Eagle and only 2 on domestic code share?

APA 2 AA Scope 05-06-09 Final.pdf

Was this an APA misfire or were they simply blindsided?
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It seems as if the AA mainline domestic will continue to shrink. AA int'l might shift towars more OneWorld partner flying. AE flying shifting to Jet Blue and Chitaqua (sp?). This can't be good news for AA and AE employees.
Last year's APA scope comm was not manned by the most capable individuals, imo. APA was not blindsided, simply disfunctional.
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Originally Posted by Beagle Pilot View Post
Isn't it interesting that the APA scope presentation to the NMB spent 10 pages complaining about Eagle and only 2 on domestic code share?

APA 2 AA Scope 05-06-09 Final.pdf

Was this an APA misfire or were they simply blindsided?
They opened the door to domestic codeshare in 2003 and are so vunerable that it is pathetic. How long have we been trying to work with APA to no avail? We will both take it in the shorts now.
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