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Special Eaglewire 09/12/2012

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Special Eaglewire 09/12/2012

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Default Special Eaglewire 09/12/2012

Special Eaglewire

A Message from President and CEO Dan Garton
Dear Eagle and Executive Colleagues:
Today, American Airlines announced the addition of two new regional carriers to its network – SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines. These companies were awarded contracts as the successful bidders in the RFP process American announced and initiated earlier in the year. American has awarded flying for a total of 23 50-seat regional jets to be operated out of Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth. This development is consistent with American’s plan to diversify its regional feed as part of its business plan to emerge from restructuring as a much stronger airline. Additionally, for the first time, this flying will be done by non-affiliate regional partners under the stronger American Eagle brand and livery – not the AmericanConnection brand and livery.
For us, this is again, more change. And change is never easy.
As a result of the awarding of this bid, we will no longer provide American with 44-seat regional feed out of Los Angeles (LAX). SkyWest will now do this regional flying for American at LAX, beginning Nov. 15. This will unfortunately mean the closure of the LAX pilot and flight attendant domiciles, as well as a reduction in the number of M&E, stores and management positions at LAX. However, American has asked us to continue to provide regional feed with the CRJ-700 out of LAX, with Eagle’s Chicago crews. We will also continue to provide ground handling services for all of American’s regional operations at LAX, including ground handling of SkyWest. We do not anticipate any furloughs as a result of the downsizing at LAX, as there are vacancies throughout the rest of the system for employees in all workgroups.
As part of the bid, ExpressJet was also awarded a small portion of 50-seat flying out of Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). This flying will begin with the Feb. 14, 2013 schedule change. As is the case at LAX, American has asked us to continue providing ground handling services for all of its regional operations at DFW.* We don’t know how other aspects of the ExpressJet flying will affect our operations, but some impact to our employees and our schedule should be expected. However, we do not anticipate any furloughs, and will offer positions throughout our system to any employee who may be impacted.
And, as previously announced, American has negotiated the early return of the ATRs. This fleet is old, and there are very high maintenance and leasing costs associated with these aircraft. This action will result in the closure of the Miami (MIA) Executive pilot and flight attendant domiciles on Nov. 15. However, all Executive pilots and flight attendants will be able to use their seniority to bid for positions at American Eagle – including positions at MIA. We do not foresee any furloughs as a result of this displacement. We do anticipate that American Eagle will be providing more regional jet flying out of MIA to replace some of the discontinued ATR flying. Additionally, all MIA and Key West Executive employees will become American Eagle employees as of Jan. 1, 2013.
So, why is all of this change happening at once? Judge Lane’s decision to allow American to reject its pilots’ contract means that American will be relieved from certain scope provisions that only allowed American Eagle to provide regional feed. American sent out an RFP earlier in the year in anticipation of the return of the ATRs, but couldn’t act on that RFP until now. Additionally, over the last few months American has indicated that it is going through a rebranding exercise. As a result of this, American will soon discontinue the use of the AmericanConnection brand and will use the American Eagle brand for all of its regional flying. Although we all share a pride with the American Eagle name, the name and the brand belong to AMR, and it is not surprising that American would want to have a consistent brand for all of its regional flying – just as all other mainlines have one brand for their regional partners. So, for now, we will continue to be American Eagle Airlines, but over the coming months we will be looking into creating a new name and identity for our company and our people. I’ll let you know the progress of this rebranding effort as it continues to develop.
I do not want to diminish the impact these changes may have on us, but with a successful restructuring, we can have a bright future. We will still continue to be the main provider of regional feed for American in Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Chicago and New York. Later today, we will begin the process of recalling all of our furloughed pilots, and we anticipate hiring pilots soon. We currently are hiring flight attendants, mechanics and hundreds of ground employees needed to staff the new ground handling contracts.
Now, more than ever, it is critically important that we complete our restructuring.* This includes achieving consensual, ratified agreements with our labor unions in order to be in a position to participate in any large regional jet flying that American will be seeking in the future. Likewise, it is more important than ever that we maintain our performance and prove every day that we are a worthy partner for American and other mainline carriers.
This is an extraordinary company with extraordinary people. There is no doubt in my mind that even though these changes are challenging, we will be in a better position to win more business from American in the future.
Thank you for your continued hard work.* Together we will redefine our company and continue to build a successful future by incorporating the values and culture of our proud past.
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Well... Here we go.
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Wow , sorry to hear guys , isn't lax very senior ?
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Divide and conquer is the name of the game in this industry. I don't take pleasure in saying that. Well, on the verge of this apocalyptic "pilot shortage" several pilot groups are still getting used and abused like replaceable widgets.
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The only thing consistent in this industry is change and this is a big one. Sad day.
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Amazing that you can establish a brand over decades and overnight it becomes something entirely worse. This is just the begining im sure. Amr may own the brand and they can call their feeders whatever they want but I would never want to tell anyone i worked for "american eagle" because i dont..
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Sorry to hear the news. Welcome to the suck that is regional competition.
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AMR has made their intention clear about returning to the whipsaw model of multiple feeders for well over a year now, so this should be of no surprise. This is only the first move of several. Interesting how the positive is spun about future hiring for Eagle is put in this communique tied along with the need for a consensual agreement. It implies Eagle pilots need only do two things for a bright future. 1. trust managements statements and 2. ratify a consensual agreement. New airplanes will be coming to the former "American Eagle" (soon to be renamed) and thus a training bubble is needed to maintain the operation. It will take several years to bring aboard the hundreds of larger RJ's AMR wants and overall, those will be spread about several carriers to ensure a balanced whipsaw model.

To make a pie, you must first support it with the crust. Today, AMR announced some of the crust and likely more crust to be included in the near future before the pie filling (large RJ's) is purchased.
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So it has begun
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Originally Posted by CrippleHawk
So it has begun
Yup, AMR seems to be saying to Eagle pilots clearly in this Eaglewire, "sign our deal or be outsourced". Now, whether it's a bluff or not, they will have to decide.

Will AE pilots stand firm and not capitulate to a bad deal and assume risk like AA pilots did, or will they roll over and expose their bellies hoping for a rub ?
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