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Originally Posted by GlobeTreker View Post
Protect us? You were already screwed. You're still screwed and you willingly took the rest of the industry down with you. Hey Gojet guys! There is a new bottom feeder in town. Enjoy your new contract. You guys deserve it.
Ohhhh yes, Yes, YESSS!!! Enough of all this name calling foreplay, call me a Dirty Little Bottom Feeder!

We Colganites thank you so much for digging that title back up. It has been too long.
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Originally Posted by Captain Tony View Post
Not SkyWest. ASA (SureJet, Expressjet, etc). We are required by our CPA to be the second lowest cost DCI carrier, or Delta may terminate our CPA. That is a fact.
Sounds like you are running the race to the bottom with a contract clause like that.
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Originally Posted by LoudFastRules View Post
hahahahha i love it
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Originally Posted by kilofoxtrot View Post
Um?? No, Not correct ASA(Express Jet) 200 FO 23hr 1st year 36.13 2nd 38.58 3rd 39.79 4th 41.01 5th 42.29 6th 43.59 7th

funny....if someone is doing the flying for 50 that you do for 100/hr, bring it up......less than five dollars an hour diff. needs to be pointed out? someone said it above, its pointless to say that my crappy airline is better than your crappy airline.

plus if your a seventh year fo at a regional I wouldn't go bragging about your airlines pay scales

maybe just be thankful you weren't in their shoes, no one is immune from the suck
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It's over. Time to move on.

Old proverb: If you live to seek revenge, dig a grave for two.
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Originally Posted by Al Czervik View Post
Can't see the line can you Russ?
Ha! Funny!.....
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Originally Posted by SmitteyB View Post
Sounds like you are running the race to the bottom with a contract clause like that.
It's not our PWA, Einstein, it's in the CPA, negotiated by Delta and SkyWest management. Swing and a miss.
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Originally Posted by Ftrooppilot View Post
It's over. Time to move on.

Old proverb: If you live to seek revenge, dig a grave for two.
Best post of the thread.
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